CNN talked about the wedding of an employee of the FBI and the terrorist ISIS

CNN talked about the wedding of an employee of the FBI and the terrorist ISIS

CNN reported on the fate of the interpreter of the FBI, who married a supporter of the “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia) from Germany. However, she later left her husband and returned to the United States.

Employee of the FBI Daniel Greene went to Syria in 2014 and marry militants of the IG, having German citizenship, the former rapper Denis Kuspert. After he joined the Islamists in 2010, One took the name Abu Talha al-Almani. Since 2012, he was in the middle East, participating in the activities of the Islamists in Libya and Egypt. Later he moved to Syria. One, according to CNN, occupied a high position among the terrorists and was shot in the propaganda videos of ISIS.

Greene revealed her husband information about an investigation against him led to the FBI. In addition, before traveling to Syria, she reported to his superiors false information about the purpose of his trip.

However, soon after, green came to the conclusion that I made a mistake, and fled to the United States, where he was detained. Greene actively cooperated with the investigation and pleaded guilty to perjury, which reduced her punishment to a minimum. More information about the nature of its cooperation with the FBI was classified. She was sentenced to two years in prison and was released in 2016.

In 2015 from Russia to Turkey to participate in the activities of the Islamists fled the MSU student Varvara Karaulov. She was detained while attempting to cross the Syrian border and taken to Russia. According to the Service, she was heading to Syria to meet with her boyfriend. However, in December 2016, the court sentenced her to 4.5 years of imprisonment for attempting to join ISIS. On 26 April it was transferred to a penal colony in the Vologda region.