Clinton accused Russia, WikiLeaks, and the head of the FBI in his electoral defeat

Clinton accused Russia, WikiLeaks, and the head of the FBI in his electoral defeat

Former democratic candidate said that if elections were held October 27, the President would it, however, the events of the last 10 days of the race turned the course of events.

NEW YORK, may 2. /Offset. TASS Alexey Kachalin/. The events of the last ten days before a General election in the United States, held November 8, 2016, changed the course of the election campaign and helped to win the Republican Donald Trump. My role in this was played by Moscow, the organization WikiLeaks and FBI Director James Comey.

With this statement made by former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton at the forum “Women, peace and security” in new York.

“If the elections were held on 27 October, your President would be me,” Clinton said, assume part of the responsibility for the defeat in the elections. “It wasn’t a perfect campaign, a perfect election campaigns do not happen. I was going to win until the combination of the letter Komi Republic dated 28 October, and the actions of the Russian WikiLeaks has caused doubts among the people who intended to vote for me, but are scared”, says the former first lady, according to which, evidence of its correctness, an “obvious and compelling”.

Clinton admits the influence of such factors as misogyny. “Yes, I believe that it is, as other factors also played a role. Every day we learn something new about an unprecedented intervention, including from foreign powers, whose leader is not among my fans,” added the former Secretary of state.

As you know, WikilLeaks published in October 2016, the e-mails of the head of the election headquarters of Democrat John Podestà.

In October of the same year, FBI Director Komi Republic resumed the investigation on the use of Clinton’s personal computer servers to conduct official correspondence. Later, two days before the voting, the FBI said that the new investigation did not reveal any abnormalities that could constitute a criminal offense, but the fact of such proceedings has influenced the mood of Americans.

American lawmakers announced the beginning of the investigation committed during the presidential campaign of cyber attacks against political organizations in the United States, the responsibility for which Washington is trying to ascribe to Moscow. These charges were one of the main pretexts for the introduction in December of the last year of sanctions, which touched on some Russian companies, FSB and Central administrative Board (GU, a former GRU) of the General staff of the armed forces. In addition, the U.S. government sent 35 Russian diplomats and announced the closure of two owned by Russian diplomatic villas in the States of new York and Maryland.

Moscow has repeatedly denied involvement in the cyber attacks. Commenting on these sanctions, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that they are a manifestation of aggression.