American with a beer in their hands opened fire at a birthday party

A resident of San Diego (California, USA) opened fire during the celebration of the birthday by the pool in one of the residential complexes. Eyewitnesses said that he did not cease to drink beer, according to NBC 7 San Diego.

According to one of the witnesses to the incident, the man came to the pool where the party took place. He was approached by the birthday boy and invited to join the celebration. After that, the American pulled out a gun and started shooting at people.

At the scene, three police officers arrived. After the suspect pointed a weapon at officers, they shot him.

Presumably, the assailant was a 49-year-old Peter Celis (Peter Selis), residing near the scene of the accident. His motives remain unknown. One of the witnesses described the shooter as a “quiet man with a grin on her face.”

According to the chief of police of the city Shellie Zimmerman (Zimmerman Shelley), a woman died and seven people were injured. Another broke his arm when he ran off with the pool. All the victims were taken to the hospital.

16 APR unknown staged a shooting in a night club of Columbus (Ohio, USA). The result was the wounding of nine people. Affected people ranging in age from 20 to 33 years, two were taken to hospital in critical condition.