A teenager from Primorye went to Moscow on marching in the opposite direction train

Seaside teenager tried to get to Moscow on a freight train travelling in the opposite direction. This is stated on the website of the Department of transport, the Ministry of internal Affairs far East Federal district.

Transport police received a report about a man saprygova on the coupling of the wagon departing from the station Vozdvyzhensky in Primorsky Krai. At the next station Galenko 17-year-old offender was taken off the train. It was found that the teenager from the village Chernyshevka leads an antisocial lifestyle and abusing alcohol. He has no identity documents: according to the young man’s passport he once broke up in a fit of anger.

The young man said that in April decided to hitchhike to Moscow. “Due to the lack of basic knowledge, the teenager couldn’t tell where it is. For this reason, jumped into the train going in the opposite direction from Moscow”, — stated in the message control.

On the fact of illegal travel in a freight car and made the Protocol on an administrative offense. The young man was placed in the temporary detention Centre for juvenile offenders.

In March in Khabarovsk the train took off runaway from home Teens from Vitebsk. Two brothers 18 and 16, and their 15-year-old sister, without warning the parents bought tickets and went by train from Moscow to Vladivostok. The police, the Teens admitted that they had not counted on such a long journey and didn’t know how far is Vladivostok. As travelers arrived from Vitebsk to Moscow, police said.