The Syrian opposition said Russia’s proposal for sending a neutral contingent

Russia has proposed to create in Syria four zones to reduce tensions: in Idlib province, to the North of the city of HOMS, Eastern ghouta and in the South of the country. This is stated in the document, RIA Novosti gave a source in the Syrian opposition.

“Create the security line (the demarcation line) across the length of the boundaries of the zones of tension reduction to avoid direct fire contact between the parties in the Syrian crisis,” — suggested in the text.

It is also indicated that on these lines, Russia considers it necessary to create checkpoints to ensure, in particular, the “free passage without weapons for civilians, the delivery of humanitarian assistance”. In addition, Moscow is thinking to form a “monitoring centers to monitor compliance with the cease-fire.”

According to the document, Russia also admits the possibility of sending “armed groups of the countries-the guarantor” of the truce (Russia, Iran and Turkey) for its control. As follows from the text, Moscow also wants to establish a working group of representatives of these States that “in the fastest time” will be required to submit maps with the boundaries of the said zones and the procedure for their organization.

Earlier on Monday, may 1, a member of the delegation of the Syrian armed opposition Fateh Hassoun said that Russia has made proposals for the creation of areas of reducing tension and placement on the contact line of troops from countries not involved in the fighting in the Arab country. He answered negatively to the question whether it is the guarantor countries, and added that a particular state is not yet defined. Hassoun stressed that the forces of differentiation are likely to have small arms.

In Syria in 2011 began an armed confrontation between the forces of President Bashar al-Assad and rebels demanding his resignation. The Republic embraced a full-scale civil war. The weakening of the state have used the terrorist organization, seized part of the territory of the country.