The list got to the hospital the Russians from the flight Moscow — Bangkok

The Russian Embassy in Thailand has published a list of Russians, flying flight Moscow — Bangkok, who are in the hospital, “Samitivej Srinakarin”.

“All the victims were taken to a local hospital with injuries of varying severity, mostly fractures and bruises. Some need surgery. Now in the hospital stay of 15 Russians,” — said on the website of the Embassy.

Andrew Pidgaynaya born in 1949
Yuri Chermashentsev (1973)
Victoria Douga (2016)
Irina Lavrovskaya (1967)
Arina Lavrovskaya (1991)
Tatyana Gushchenko (1966)
Olga Kryukovskaya (1956)
Yana Rozhnova (1988)
Faith Siskin (1948)
Olga Ceban (1989)
Gulnaz Halfina (1976)
Regina Coat (1988)
Marina Sabantseva (1990)
Tatiana Avedisian (1982)
Marina Sidelnikova (1987)

Employees of consular Department of the Embassy are in the hospital, communicate with treating physicians, provide Advisory assistance to the victims.

Diplomatic representation opened a hotline on which you can get updated information about the incident with the aircraft company “Aeroflot”.

As stated in the press service of the air carrier, may 1, 40 minutes before landing at Bangkok airport, the Boeing 777, carrying out flight SU 270, ended up in the “short zone of turbulence”, which is known as “clear sky turbulence”. “Its main feature is that it does not arise in the clouds and in the clear sky with good visibility where weather radar can not detect it coming. So the crew has no opportunity to warn passengers of the need to return to their seats”, — explained in “Aeroflot”.

According to a source “Interfax”, the result was hit turbulence, the plane planted 100-200 meters up.

In total onboard there were 313 passengers. According to the Embassy, in the result of incident 27 persons were injured — 24 Russians and three citizens of Thailand. Some have been discharged from the hospital. “The reason for injuries was that some of the passengers were not wearing seat belts,” said the Embassy.