Putin signed a law prohibiting naming children swear words and figures

Putin signed a law prohibiting naming children swear words and figures

Now the child will not be an alphanumeric combination of type BOC RVF 260602. The name will be recorded by agreement of the parents, and the children will be able to get a double surname.

MOSCOW, may 1 — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning when you register the name of the child to use numbers, swear words, punctuation marks and titles.

The law, previously adopted by the state Duma and approved by the Federation Council, introduced to the Family code a provision stating that the choice of name for a child is not allowed to use digits, alphanumeric notation, symbols and non-letters characters (except hyphen), and also swear words, instructions on positions or titles.

The law “On acts of civil status” lawmakers placed a ban on the registration of such names. The child’s name will be written on the agreement radialistato call the child: a cheat sheet for parents

In addition, the law stipulates that the child’s surname is determined by the parents ‘ surname. According to their agreement, the child may obtain the name of the father, mother or a hyphenated surname formed from the words connected with a hyphen.

Previously, parents were in no way limited to the name of the child, and the Registrar’s office could not deny them registration. In the early 2000-ies of the great response received the story of the boy whose parents wanted to name BOCH рВФ260602 (Biological object of man kind Voronin — frolovs born 26 June 2002). In the explanatory Memorandum to the bill noted that the boy still lives without documents.

Russians often give children unusual names in Moscow was the boys Nicholas-Nikita-Neal, Christards, Dolphin, Jaroslav-Lutobor, Luka-Happiness, Summerset ocean and girls April, Pauline-Pauline, Princess Danielle, dawn-Zagranica, Alesha-Kaprina, Ocean, Sofia-the Sun.