Putin had hockey practice in Sochi

Russian President Vladimir Putin held Sunday hockey practice in Sochi. He arrived at Olympic stadium “Puck” after the stage race “Formula 1”, reports RIA Novosti.

The exercise also featured an honorary member of the IOC Jean-Claude Killy, who visited Sochi, to read a few lectures to children enrolled in the educational center “Sirius”. The Agency notes that in between exits on the ice the President has discussed the development of the Olympic legacy with the head of the Fund “Talent and success” Elena Shmeleva.

April 26, Putin jokingly instructed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to hold an educational conversation with the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky after the statement that in rural clubs men can watch football on the large TV screen. “Together it is more interesting, but why only men?”, — responded the President.

In February 2011, Putin, as Prime Minister, during a meeting with players of the youth national team gave a public promise to master a new sport. That same winter, he began training under the guidance of the twice Olympic champion Alexey Kasatonov. At the initiative of the Russian leader were established by the Russian Amateur hockey League (in Rahl), which is then transformed into a Night hockey League.

Two months later after Putin started skating, he described the workout: “I started with a chair, a chair in front of the set. I’ve never stood on skates, not something that is not riding — was not ever”.

As for other sports, at the age of 11, Putin began studying judo and Sambo. The President also skier.