Patrushev: strategy of fight against drugs in Russia will be adjusted


RIA Novosti

Anti-drug Committee will prepare amendments to the state anti-drug strategy until November 1, told reporters on Friday, Russian security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev at the meeting of the security Council of the Russian Federation on narcotics issues.

“I considered (at the security Council meeting. – RNS) the issue of implementation of the strategy of state anti-drug policy. Came to the conclusion that the strategy, which was adopted in 2010, has justified itself, it has proven useful. However, there have been major changes in these activities both inside the country and changed the situation abroad. Therefore, it was decided that this strategy needs to change. Anti-drug Committee will review these changes before November 1,” said Patrushev.

After that, he said, “during the month will be prepared a plan for the implementation of the newly approved national anti-drug strategy.”

“It noted that in General the situation remained stable, but the attention that has shifted this problem, it is evil towards young people. Unfortunately, this theme has a negative trend, and that need focused attention,” – said Patrushev.

According to him, “will focus on prevention, international cooperation”. “This should be considered as a positive experience which is available abroad and negative… In some countries there is a further legalization of the drug. We must not allow that”, – said Patrushev.