Media: Blair announced his return to British policy in connection with Brexit

Media: Blair announced his return to British policy in connection with Brexit

Former British Prime Minister said he did not want to remain “silent in the historical moment” as concerned about the Kingdom’s exit from the EU.

MOSCOW, may 1. /TASS/. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who headed the government from 1997 to 2007, returned to active participation in the political life of the country because of concerns in connection with the release of the United Kingdom from the EU (Brexit). This was reported by the newspaper the Mirror.

“Brexit gave me immediate motivation to participate more actively in politics. I don’t want to stay silent in a historic moment: it would mean that I don’t care about the country. And this is not so,” the newspaper cites the words of the policy. According to Blair, as Brexit as a whole, and the conclusion of free trade agreement between the EU and the UK in particular are at risk to cause damage to the Kingdom.

In February, Blair spoke in support of maintaining the country’s membership in the EU. Then he said that the British should have the right to change opinions about Brexit.

A referendum on Britain’s membership in the EU was held on 23 June last year, it is victory with a score of 51,9% was won by the opponents of European integration. 29 March this year, British Prime Minister Theresa may sent to the head of the European Council Donald Tusk, a letter in which they informed about the beginning of the procedure to exit from the community. From that moment on, was involved in the 50th article of the Lisbon agreement, the EU is running this process. The procedure itself took two years of negotiations will start only after the Kingdom’s June 8 snap parliamentary elections, which, according to the plan, may, should strengthen its position and give it greater flexibility during discussions with Brussels.

The EU leaders at the summit in the Belgian capital on April 29 approved the strategy for the negotiations on Brexit.