Human Rights Watch claims that the attack on Khan shaykhun was used by the Soviet bomb

Human Rights Watch claims that the attack on Khan shaykhun was used by the Soviet bomb

In the report of the human rights organization are provided by the eyewitness photos of the crash site of the munition and its fragments, as well as the Museum of the Soviet aviation bombs filled with sarin.

The UN, on 1 may. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. The Human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) argues that the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Khan shaykhun found fragments of bombs, which is identified as HB-250 Soviet production. The relevant information is presented in the published report, which contains information about the last cases the use of poisonous substances in Syria.

The 48-page report presents provided by witnesses photographs of the fall of the munition and its fragments, as well as the Museum of the Soviet aviation bombs filled with sarin

Human rights activists point to a number of similarities with the bomb CB-250-or its more severe modification of the HB-500, including the cover holes to fill with poison gas and a characteristic green band at the top of the munition, which is barely visible on the picture from the incident.

Answering the question TASS, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth at a press conference in the headquarters of the UN said that organizations are confident in their conclusions. “It’s the material from open sources we checked them from the experts. We pretty firmly believe that you have correctly identified the Soviet bombs”, — he said.

At a press conference, much was said about the possible involvement of Russia to the incident in Khan Sheyhun 4 APR. According to Roth, the human rights organization “has no idea, where did this chemical weapons”. “Obviously, it’s Soviet production”, he argued.

In turn, the Deputy head of HRW’s Lama Fakih said that in the public domain “there is very little information about KHAB-250”. “We know it’s the bomb the Soviet era. When the Syrian government acceded to the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, it had to declare and destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons, but their Declaration is confidential and will not be made public. So we have no information which would indicate that the Syrian government has that bomb in their Arsenal,” — said the representative of the organization.

The incident in Khan Sheyhun

The focus of the report is given to the incident in Khan Sheyhun, where, according to Human Rights Watch, has killed more than 90 people.

On 4 April, Reuters, citing the London-based “Syrian monitoring centre for human rights” (The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights) reported that in the city of Khan shaykhun in Idlib province after an air strike of Syrian or Russian aircraft from poisoning by “toxic gas” has killed dozens of civilians. Russian and Syrian military has denied any involvement in the incident. On the night of 7 April, the United States by order of the President of Donald trump launched a missile attack on a military airport in the Syrian province of HOMS, which, according to Washington, flew the aircraft to strike at the Khan Sheyhun.

In late April, established at the UN Council on human rights independent Commission to investigate human rights violations said that currently can not confirm the involvement of the Syrian government forces to the incident in Khan Sheyhun. According to the head of the Commission Sergio Pinheiro, on the morning of 4 April, the city was bombed from the air, which coincided with the “emission of chemical substances similar to Zarin”. However, the UN investigators have not established “relationship between strike and burst of gas,” said Pinheiro.