Hamas has abandoned plans for the destruction of Israel

The Palestinian movement Hamas has abandoned plans for the destruction of Israel. As reported Reuters, said the new doctrine of motion, published on Monday, may 1 at Doha (capital of Qatar).

In the document, Hamas continues to deny Israel’s right to exist, but not calling for armed struggle against the Jewish state. Moreover, the doctrine refers to the agreement on the creation of a unified Palestinian state in the 1967 borders, that is, with the territories of the Gaza strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

In addition, representatives of Hamas declared that cut off contact with the Association “Muslim brotherhood” (banned in several countries, including Russia). Thus representatives of the Palestinian movement hopes to improve relations with the Arab States of the Persian Gulf and Egypt, which considers “Brothers” to terrorist groups.

It is possible that Hamas is counting on a change of attitude on the part of European States. A number of them consider the Palestinian extremist movement because of the hostile policy towards Israel.

The Hamas movement was founded about three decades ago. In 1988, it officially declared its goal the physical destruction of Israel. Since 2007, the organization that controls the Gaza strip. The movement had carried out hundreds of armed attacks against Israelis in the territory of the Jewish state.