Examiners, traffic police ordered to drive a car

Monday, may 1, entered into force order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia approving new requirements for the examiners of the traffic police. This was reported on the website of the state traffic Inspectorate.

“In particular, in addition to theoretical knowledge in the field of road safety, the examiner should perfectly possess methods of management of vehicles and interpersonal skills; conflict situations to be able to recognize a hazardous situation and prevent possible risks,” — the document says.

It is reported that during the requirements development experts of the state traffic Inspectorate took into account the results of the study of international and domestic experience in training and access to work of persons carrying out verification of the knowledge and skills of potential drivers.

The traffic police are confident that the introduction of qualification requirements for examiners “will enhance not only their professional level and quality of the examination, but the level of public confidence in the police and the police in General”.