Emmanuel macron warned the European Union on Frexit

Emmanuel macron warned the European Union on Frexit

As stated by the candidate in presidents of France, the EU needs reforms, otherwise it waits for the prospect of entering the Republic from the Union.

Moscow. May 1. INTERFAX.RU — the Candidate in presidents of France from the movement “Forward” Emmanuel macron on Monday in the air of the British broadcasting Corporation BBC took the view, that the European Union needs reforms, otherwise it can wait for the prospects “Mexica” (Frexit) — France’s withdrawal from the EU.

“I stand with the Pro-European positions. During the current election campaign I constantly advocate the European idea and European politics as I believe that it is very important for the people of France and to place our country in conditions of globalization,” he said.

“I believe that the next day I receive my term (as President) will start a deep reform of the EU,” he said, calling the betrayal of the fact, if he allowed the EU to function as before.

Macron stated that it wants the EU remained the same, “because the next day we get the “Fixit”, and we will again be “national front”

A second round of presidential elections in France on 7 may.