At the may day procession in Moscow detained vegans

During the may day demonstration in Moscow detained vegans and participants of the action of the Communist party. About it reports “OVD-info” referring to a member of the “Left bloc” Vladimir Zhuravlev, who is also detained.

According to him, during the procession was delayed by 10 to 15 people, among them four minors. They were all put into a bus and taken to the Basmanny police Department. The reasons for the detention are unknown. The activist Tatiana Bolotina claims that it detained at least 20 people.

In the March in Moscow was attended by over 130 thousand people, and according to the forecasts of the Federation of independent trade unions (FNPR), just this year the demonstration attracted about 2.5 million people. Among them are educators, athletes, representatives of defence industry enterprises, trade workers, construction industry, shipbuilding and engineering industries and other trade unions.

In addition, in Novosibirsk took place in the 14th annual may day event called “Monstration.” In the action took part the head of the Department of culture, sports and youth policy of the Anna Tereshkova, she was the head of the column. The demonstrators who marched through the centre of Novosibirsk from the House officers to the Opera and ballet theatre, holding placards with slogans such as: “And you still at home?”, “Collapsed space”, “Volpanel”, “Chickens — not dying,” “Orcas in the form of rain”, “Never ever” and others.