A Scotsman was killed while trying to take a selfie on the highway in Germany

A British tourist was killed in Germany when trying to make selfi on the median strip of the motorway A24. According to Daily Mail, the incident occurred April 30 in the area hoods to the East of Hamburg.

Three Britons decided to cross the road but stopped in the middle for the sake of a selfie. In the end, one of them was hit by a car the Audi A6, which was ruled by 73-year-old resident of the nearby town.

Officially the name of the deceased is not known, according to British media reports, 22-year-old Dean Steele (Dean Steele) from Uddingston (County Lanarkshire, Scotland). It is reported that he died instantly.

His two friends were not injured. According to police reports, they are in a state of shock was taken to hospital.

The representative of the police of Germany Stefan Myhtc (Stefan Muhtz) stated that “the British were clearly drunk, so they were unable to interview on the spot.”

On 28 March it was reported that two Mexican girls were killed, trying to make selfi on the background of the landing of the aircraft on the runway of the airport of the city Cinemas.