The Ukrainian military was suspected of planning to carry out “staged fights” for the media

Eduard Basurin

The Ukrainian military on may holidays are going to arrange “staged fights” for the media. Such assumption made the Deputy commander of the operational command of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic Eduard Bacurin. His words are quoted by the Donetsk news Agency.

Basurin added that the soldiers of the Ukraine Armed forces dressed in the form of DNI. “According to our data, in 36 separate brigade of Marines trained a whole division stationed in Mariupol, which has already been dressed in the uniform sample of the NPT and established technique caused our identification marks”, — he said.

According to him, it is done for “regular staged fights to show to the journalists, including foreign, arriving EN masse to the city.” “I wonder if these “actors” will begin on camera robbing of civilians,” concluded lock.

The staged attacks are part of the tactics of the APU, said the Agency “new Russia”. In early April, the Ukrainian command, according to Basurin, drove to the area of the village of Sands several groups of journalists to film the alleged violation of the Minsk agreements by fighters of DNR. Then, the security forces staged the shelling militia of this settlement.

In January the portal reported that members of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN banned in Russia) attempted under the guise of servicemen of the armed forces of the DNI to seize the agricultural enterprise near the town of Uglegorsk in the Donetsk region. Soldiers of the OUN received from the management task to create the appearance of activity of subversive groups of the DNI in the area of the Kiev military operations in the Donbass.

During a RAID by the radicals put the guards on the ground, broke into the safes in which were employment records of employees, unfurled the Russian flag, threw the ribbon and called the cops. But instead of them arrived on the scene the soldiers of the security Service of Ukraine, which tied “saboteurs”. The court found that all nine nationalists have excellent characteristics and are patriots, after which they were released.