The Kremlin closed down the opposition from the green stuff

The Kremlin closed down the opposition from the green stuff

The Kremlin will instruct the regions to prevent attacks on the opposition.

The regional authorities tasked to stop a wave of attacks on the opposition. The sides “Газеты.Ru” in the Kremlin assert that the authorities have nothing to do with a number of recent acts of aggression against opposition politicians and activists.

Navalny said that the attacks koordiniruyutsya in the presidential administration.

A source in the Kremlin told “Газете.Ru” the Federal government will instruct the regional authorities to strictly prevent illegal actions against the opposition.

“Pressed” activists will stop, because it only increases their awareness.

In fact, such attacks only lead to them [activists] recrudescent “Газеты.Ru”

Law enforcement agencies will be recommended to stop the crime and bring the perpetrators to justice.

It’s already happened in the case of offenders blogger Ilya Varlamov in Stavropol. The incident, according to a source, was “the last straw”.

GU MVD of Russia in the Stavropol region issued an official comment about the incident with Varlamov. According to police, the attack installed and already taken to police station where is being taken against them the procedural steps.

Earlier in the internal political unit “Газету.Ru” claimed that no teams in the “irrigation of green paint, he flips the eggs and the foam in the regions was not given and could not surrender”.

In recent weeks, a number of opposition figures were attacked.

Most often they are doused with green paint, but some beating, cut tires on their cars

First and foremost, it affected opposition leader Alexei Navalny — the second time this year he splashed brilliant green in the face, the last attack resulted in a chemical burn of the eye. The attending ophthalmologist opposition is not convinced that burned brilliant green eyes up to the end restored.

The latest victims of the green stuff turned out to be a blogger Ilya Varlamov, which with some reservations can be attributed to the representatives of non-system opposition.

The tradition of such attacks, though not always with the help of green fodder, exists in Russian politics. With such pressure during the Duma campaign faced the leader of Parnas Mikhail Kasyanov. A scuffle with opposition supporters of the current government have also occurred in the regional elections.

April 30, Navalny in his blog, said that for acts of aggression against him is the presidential administration. A conclusion he makes from the fact that someone let know to participants of the attacks about his travel plans and movements.

Source “Газеты.Ru” the Kremlin denied the allegations long before the publication of the opposition.

However, one of the interlocutors “Газеты.Ru” knowledgeable in the processes of both regional and Federal policy, believes that in this case “steering domestic policies” are more cunning. “This is what we, the governors such a bad and do not like Bulk Kasyanov?” — asks a source. According to him, now governors would not like to prove such independence, and prefers to coordinate with the center.

He recalls that in a number of attacks among the activists with the green paint there were people from neighboring subjects of the Russian Federation, which suggests the idea of coordination of actions from Moscow

According to the source, sometimes these activists come from the capital and spetsializiruyutsya on attacks of this kind. However, the source “Газеты.Ru” considers the idea to stop such actions correct.

Another source close to the Kremlin, said “Газете.Ru” that is unlikely, the Kremlin gave instructions to throw someone green paint. Most likely, there were some General settings: “Show them so they understood.” And then there is “the excess of the perpetrator,” says the source, “Газеты.Ru”. According to him, in addition to regional authorities, such initiatives are often organized activists from quite sincere motives. Those convinced that the opposition are harmful to the state and they must be stopped. There are more provocateurs, who benefits from the escalation of such conflicts.

Source “Газеты.Ru” I doubt that even if the signal from the Kremlin really was, he was perceived correctly, as a managerial hierarchy is not so effective.

The analyst Abbas Gallyamov in conversation with “Газетой.Ru” he expressed confidence that the presence of a new signal for stopping attacks is good in itself, and the regional authorities will not leave it unattended.

Of course, the signal will be heard, regions well-built. By now the political vertical are practically no failures. The governors are well aware of who depend on their political, nudebabes Galanopoulos