“The beauty of the city in our hands”: in St. Petersburg was held Saturday

“The beauty of the city in our hands”: in St. Petersburg was held Saturday

St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko began a day of beautification with the planting of spruce trees in the Primorsky Victory Park.

SAINT PETERSBURG, April 29. /TASS/. Participants in St. Petersburg was removed in the rain, but the organizers of the shares on the improvement lifted them up informative and entertaining programs and hot tea.

To make the spring work day interesting and varied, the administration of districts and municipalities have organized environmental and other stocks with encouraging titles: “On Saturday, on a holiday!”, “Saturday workout”, “the beauty of the city in our hands!” Participants in the harvest was met with music, poetry, quizzes and quests.

St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko began a day of beautification with the planting of spruce trees in the Primorsky Victory Park near the new football stadium on Krestovsky island and cleanup activities for the future Museum of the Russian Railways, reports TASS.

The Museum will open in the fall in a historic building of the locomotive depot of the former Baltic railway specially built pavilions. There will be exhibited more than 100 pieces of rolling stock and over 20 thousand other exhibits. Together with the head of the city the area around the future Museum were put in order the employees of the Oktyabrskaya railway, students of the Petersburg state transport University of Emperor Alexander I, as well as veterans of the railway industry, who told the young people stories about working on the highways.

Landscaping with meaning

Many of St. Petersburg decided to participate in the improvement of the Petersburg monuments of history and culture, especially at some sites, the cleanup was complemented by a cultural program. At Trinity Cathedral held a traditional action for wash guns.

The Holy Trinity Izmailovsky Cathedral was the regimental Church of the Izmailovsky regiment. The Cathedral treasured trophies of the regiment, including those that were obtained during the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, including the Turkish guns, which, on the proposal of the Emperor Alexander II, erected a monument in front of the Cathedral. As told TASS in the press service of the Admiralty area, washing guns were doing today pupils SPbGPU “Centre for work with adolescents and youth “Admiralty”. “The boys had to first clean the gun, then clean and rinse again, you guys had about 15 people and another 20-30 residents of the area”, — reported in a press-service.

More active young people took part in the cleaning of historic parks in the centre of Petersburg — Ekateringof, and the Alexander garden. “For the guys was a concert, tea, cakes, — said the representatives of the district. — Compared to last year, people were smaller, because in the rain activity, of course, lower.”

Russian Museum has prepared a volunteer in the Mikhailovsky garden is one of the oldest in St. Petersburg. Participants were asked to clean the lawns, to loosen the ground around the bushes and trim the excess branches, and for it to hear stories about the history of the garden, its flora and fauna, participate in dance and art workshops.

About 800 citizens, including activists of the “Immortal regiment” was held Saturday at the Piskarevsky memorial cemetery, the largest fraternal burial of the Second world war where rest more than half a million residents and defenders of besieged Leningrad. As reported by TASS Director of the Piskaryovskoye memorial Oleg Baev, participants brought up the area, removed the grass and leaves, refurbish the paint on the metal elements. “Now prepared for the memorial ceremonies in honor of Victory Day,” said bais. May 8 at Piskarevsky citywide the laying of wreaths and flowers in memory of those killed during the siege.

Entrepreneurs at the clean-up

Saturdays April 29 was organized in all districts of the city, only 750 sites were identified. According to the Governor, before the city services and their volunteer assistants were tasked to put more than 5 thousand trees, almost 125 thousand shrubs, 400 thousand flowers first.

According to the city’s beautification Committee in a spring cleanup in St. Petersburg was attended by more than 210 thousand people. Among them — about 83 thousand employees of various enterprises and organizations, about 64 thousand students, more than 20 thousand students, about 9 thousand soldiers, cadets and cadets. Spring clean-up has also supported the initiative about 15 thousand inhabitants.

The Committee on industrial policy and innovation of St. Petersburg spent Saturday with the participation of industrial enterprises of the city on the beach “Sea oaklets” in the village of Lisy nos in the Primorsky district. The action was called “Ecodesign in the Baltic sea”. It was attended by the members of the administration, enterprises of the concern “Power machines”, CSRI “Electron” and other organizations.

Despite the inclement weather — heavy wind and rain, eradicant of 300 people shock work hard, and wearing raincoats, gathered more than 6 tons of trash along the shoreline of the Gulf of Finland. The morale of the participants of working visits, the organizers have been hot tea with pies. After harvesting, the employees ate porridge prepared on a field kitchen.

Cleaning across the country

Activities on the improvement took place in all regions of Russia, where this is not prevented by the weather. At the last moment due to heavy rain and wind cancelled Saturday in Pskov. In Naryan-Mar and on the Yamal Peninsula due to the snow and cold Saturdays just postponed for may.

In Arkhangelsk the sun shone, the snow began to melt, and the active inhabitants of the city hastened to do the landscaping of parks and courtyards musical accompaniment. “Those lawns and areas of parks that have not yet thawed out from the snow, clean up in the next work day — may 13” — promised the head of Arkhangelsk Igor Gazes.

In Karelia held a themed Saturday “In search of pirate treasure” in the Park Mica factory, located in the centre of Petrozavodsk. 1.5 hours more than 50 participants gathered one container branches and 40 bags of garbage from the territory, which until then was not in the plans of urban improvement. Anyone could try to overcome a rope obstacle course, and has the most garbage team of citizens received geotagging and GPS navigators went to go quest to find the treasure.

In Ulyanovsk one of the most large-scale subbotniks took place on the territory of the ecological Park “Black lake”. The event was attended by students of the equestrian club “centaur”, public organizations, and students. The Chairman of the Ecological chamber of the Ulyanovsk region Alexander Bragin told the TASS correspondent that participation in the clean-up attracted 12 horses from the equestrian club.

“The horse took out the garbage on carts from the Central part of the Park, drove it to the tractor. In addition, horses have helped to move an old heavy felled trees from place to free pass,” he said.

In the Kemerovo region on Saturday left tens of thousands of people. The regional centre of Kemerovo, has gathered about 10 thousand citizens, and in the neighboring Novokuznetsk to clean the streets, according to city hall, got three times more people. Largely contributed to this video, “the Smithy clean”, which starred the mayor of the city Sergey Kuznetsov, members of the city administration and public services.

Preparing for important events

About 70 thousand people took part in all-Russian ecological subbotnik in the Volgograd region. Was collected 5 thousand 851 cubic meters of various debris on the territory of about 800 hectares. Special attention to active community members, volunteers, members of military history associations and clubs, pupils, students paid a cleaning at the military memorial cemetery, arrangement of memorial sites, mass graves of soldiers killed in the battle of Stalingrad.

In Tatarstan on Saturday came around 285 thousand. The main sites in Kazan became the territory near the stadium “Kazan arena” that will host matches of the Confederations Cup, and Victory Park. In the Park cleaned and prepared military equipment to the Victory Day. Head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov together with volunteers and representatives of the national authority 400 planted bushes of a lilac on Avenue of friendship.

About 3 thousand people came out to clean up Sebastopol. From the debris was cleared the Malakhov Kurgan, the arch at the entrance to the city, the promenade of St. Andrew and others. Also garbage on the beaches before the start of the tourist season. “We sort of memorial complexes, parks and beaches. Make the city cleaner”, — said the acting Governor Dmitry Ovsyannikov, who took part in cleaning one of the beaches in the Northern part of Sevastopol.