Scientists have named the cause of deafness, Francisco Goya

Scientists have named the cause of deafness, Francisco Goya

Scientists at the University of Maryland in College Park found out that the famous Spanish painter Francisco Goya suffered from a rare autoimmune disease, or syphilis. The results of their study, the researchers presented at the annual Historical clinical pathologic conference. Briefly it can be found on the University website.

In 1793 Goya at the age of 46 years became ill. However, doctors are unable to deliver the artist to the diagnosis. Goya was bedridden for several months, suffered from hallucinations and constant headaches and could barely walk. In the end, most of the symptoms are gone, but hearing the artist never returned. Perhaps that is why Goya paintings of this period were gloomy.

After reviewing some evidence on the state of Goya, the scientists were able to put the artist’s diagnosis. He probably suffered from a rare autoimmune disease syndrome of Susak. According to the second version, Goya was ill with syphilis.

The main symptoms of Susak are the cerebral functions, loss of sight and hearing. Most of these symptoms eventually disappear, but the hearing of patients may not come back. Syphilis can also lead to hearing loss. In the nineteenth century none of these diseases treatment would not yield. Scientists have noted that today to compensate for hearing loss by Goya would have been possible with the help of cochlear implants.