Rashkin spoke about the response “cunning FSB” about Medvedev



State Duma Deputy from the Communist party Valery Rashkin said on the received response to the FSB request for a check on corruption, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

According to Rashkin, announce the answer, he can not in connection with standing on it marked “for official use only” (lowest possible level of secrecy, not allowing, however, to disclose information). However, he added, “information on the issue there’s a little less than zero”. The very same FSB Rashkin called “cunning”.

We will remind that earlier on a similar request Raskin refused to answer the Investigative Committee, saying that it should deal with the General Prosecutor’s office, and periodicwave the documents of the Deputy there.

While Rashkin earlier, according to media reports, the leadership of the faction was forbidden to ask a question to the Prime Minister during his speech in the state Duma. To mention the Bulk could only his party, Nikolai kolomeytsev, in response to the requested Medvedev to raise the issue of the Bulk of the investigation.

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Thus, there is no official reaction of the investigating authorities, as well as a parliamentary investigation in connection with the film FBK “He’s not Dimon” at the present day are still there.