North Korea threatened to destroy a nuclear submarine of the U.S. Navy with missiles Tomahawk

“Michigan” in the port of Busan

Pyongyang has threatened to destroy a nuclear submarine “Michigan” United States Navy, which earlier this week came in South Korea’s port of Busan. This writes the South Korean Agency “Yonhap” referring to the message of North Korean propaganda portal Uriminzokkiri.

“That moment when “mi” try at least to move, he will be doomed to the miserable fate of becoming an underwater Ghost, unable to return to the surface,” promise the authors. According to them, the “urgent transfer of nuclear submarines in waters near the Korean Peninsula, which coincided with the dispatch of a shock aircraft carrier groups, is designed to further strengthen the military threats against our country.”

Nuclear submarine “Michigan” “Ohio” came in a South Korean port of Busan in the beginning of the week. She should join the strike force of aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”, which conducts joint exercises with ships of the Maritime self-defense force of Japan near the Korean Peninsula.

About the direction of the area of the nuclear submarine with cruise missiles on Board on April 12 said “the” a source in power structures.

Currently, the US Navy has four nuclear underwater cruisers — carriers of cruise missiles converted from the first ships in the series strategic submarines type “Ohio”. In the course of modernization, 22 of the 24 missile silos, the source is designed to accommodate ballistic missiles Trident C-4, has been converted into a launcher of cruise missiles family UGM-109 Tomahawk (to 154 units).

North Korea has previously stated its readiness to launch a preemptive strike against us military bases if Washington goes on the political, economic, or military provocation aimed against Pyongyang. The representative of the General staff of the army of the DPRK explained that “in the event of US aggression” will be attacked military facilities of the United States in Japan and South Korea.