Klintsevich: Kyiv allowed the hryvnia to the wind by building a dam to block water supply to Crimea

© Valery sharifulin/TASS

MOSCOW, April 30./TASS/. The construction of the dam in the Kherson region for blocking water flow in Crimea says about the moral inferiority of the invention and is a waste of money. This opinion was expressed to journalists the member of the Federation Council Frants Klintsevich, commenting on the commissioning of a new major dam, which completely blocks the flow of water from the Dnieper through the North-Crimean channel.

According to the Senator, this is another attempt to wishful thinking. “The same story as with the energy blockade of the Crimea. Water on the Peninsula is, but the Ukrainian hryvnia is clearly wasted. That is, in spite grandmother frostbitten ears”, – quotes the Senator, his press service.

As noted Klintsevich, the Ukrainian authorities themselves create problems of their country, and then successfully solve them.

“Three years ago, cutting the locks on the river, they, along with the Crimea were cut off from water supply and agricultural districts of Kherson region. And now I had to build a dam, costing 35 million. But the opportunity came to report: we were finally dehydrated arid the Crimea”, – said the Senator.