In Washington held a mass March in defense of the environment

In Washington held a mass March in defense of the environment

WASHINGTON, 30 APR — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. Tens of thousands of people gathered Saturday in downtown Washington to participate in the March in defense of the environment.

Thus they expressed their protest against the policy of the current US administration in this direction and noted 100 days of Donald trump as President of the country.

By estimations of organizers of the action, it was attended by up to 150 thousand people. They passed through the main street of the city and all USA — Pennsylvania Avenue — from the building of Congress to the White house.

There were so many people that they took all the space is wide and very long highway.

The marchers carried banners with the requirement to protect the environment. “A healthy atmosphere and a stable climate,” was one of them.

“The government should be aware of the dangers of climate change. It should trust its own scientists who talk about it,” said the Washington Pоst one of the participants.

Near the White house, the protesters met with one of the opponents of abortion, who arranged a private share. The forces were unequal, however, he continued to yell into a megaphone slogan: “Abortion destroys life.”

The marchers in response sat down on the pavement and started chanting “My body, my choice”.

Trump is blocking justice w/ his hate & #climate denial – so we’re here to block Trump’s oily agenda of hate. #FloodTrump #ClimateMarch

— Collin Rees (@collinrees) 29 APR 2017

Supporters of the ban on abortion, tend to support trump, who shared their position. Many of the opponents of the current leader, the United States consider it a violation of human rights.