In one of the areas where defeated Le Pen, has canceled the vote

In one of the areas where defeated Le Pen, has canceled the vote

MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. Authorities canceled the results of voting in the first round of presidential elections in France in one of the areas near Paris, the majority of the electorate which voted for the candidate from “natsfronta” marine Le Pen; the basis for this decision was that the head of the electoral Commission forgot to print the final Protocol, reported in the Sunday edition of the Parisien.

The first round of presidential elections was held in France on Sunday, according to the results, the struggle for the highest political office was continued by the founder of the movement “Forward” Emmanuel macron (24,01%) and the leader of the party “national Front” marine Le Pen (21,30%). The second round will be held on 7 may.

The constitutional Council, which approves the results of elections in France, decided to cancel the voices of the residents of the small commune of Luan-Filigree-Fontaine in the Department of Seine and Marne to the South-East of Paris. In the village live about 500 people, April 23, most of them voted for marine Le Pen.

The formal reason for the decision was that the mayor and acting head of the local election Committee, have been submitted to the Prefecture of the summary Protocol of voting, as it has not been printed.

The city has already apologized to residents for the error, but voters Express dissatisfaction with the fact that their voices were not taken into account, and wonder how the electoral Commission could prevent this mistake.

According to opinion polls, the Makron can win the second round of elections, with the support of approximately 60% of the electorate.