Coalition of the United States acknowledged the deaths of 352 civilians in air strikes in Iraq and Syria

Coalition of the United States acknowledged the deaths of 352 civilians in air strikes in Iraq and Syria

The joint command of operation “Unwavering commitment” published a report about civilian casualties in the air strikes on the territories of Iraq and Syria. According to the updated data, from August 2014 to March 2017 has killed at least 352 noncombatants. Only the coalition led by the United States caused by 20205 bumps.

The number of civilian casualties caused by air strikes US-led coalition in Iraq and Syria amounted to at least 352 people since August 2014. It is stated in the report of the joint command of operation “Unwavering determination”, published Sunday, April 30.

In the updated report refers to the deaths of 45 noncombatants from November 2016 to March 2017, the coalition also recognized the death of 80 people since August 2014, which previously had no record.

Since the beginning of operations on the territories of the two middle Eastern countries was caused 20205 airstrikes.

“We regret the unintended civilian deaths as a result of the attempts of the coalition to defeat the terrorists of ISIS (the group “Islamic state”, which is prohibited in several countries, including in Russia — approx. “Of the”), and we Express our deepest condolences to the families and the victims,” — said in a statement.

Earlier on Sunday, pan-Arab satellite channel Al Mayadeen reported the deaths of 14 civilians in the air strikes of the international coalition in raqqa province in Northern Syria.

April 18, during the RAID of the anti-terrorist coalition in the city of al-Bukamal the victims were at least 16 civilians, about 40 were injured. A day earlier, the aircraft fired 12 missiles at the building of the agricultural College and several residential buildings in the village of al-Hussein. Killing seven people, including two women, 12 local people received injuries of varying severity.

The Syrian organization for human rights said in March that the bombs and missiles coalition led by the USA, over the past month have killed more Syrian civilians than at the hands of “coalition led by Russia”, or militant “Islamic state”.