You have written off for debts: scary tales debtors under the rent

You have written off for debts: scary tales debtors under the rent

The world today is the bureaucratic red tape faced by the world e-mail alerts and automatic cancellation of debts. “Bill Daily” recorded a few unpleasant stories in the spirit of Franz Kafka.

In March of this year with Muscovite Anton Belitskii blamed more than 140 thousand roubles from-for debts for the electric power in the demolished house. After a wave of indignation on Facebook, the money was returned, however, it became clear that this is not an isolated case.

On the paper was written by hand: “Not pay — put that light out!”

  • Elena Filippova
  • 54 years old, housewife

“I always regularly paid the bills that I received from “Mosenergosbyt”, and no claim with the requirement to pay the debt I never received. On 27 January I received a warning that I should pay the debt in the amount of 170 thousand rubles. On the paper was written by hand: “Not pay — put that light out!” 3 Mar it happened — my apartment was left without electricity.

Light, I disconnected illegally had not been drawn up and me no one officially warned. All this time I was trying to figure out how did such a crazy amount. First member of “Mosenergosbyt” I said that I was listed debt since 1988, although I live in this apartment only 12 years old, and the former owners are no debts left. I presented supporting documents, and they quickly changed my position and now claim that this amount is passed over only 12 years.

Under existing rules, if there is an obvious confusion, Mosenergo is required to send a specialist and to do a reconciliation to find the error. I asked them — I was ignored. Tried to understand itself: it turned out that according to their calculations, in 2008, my amount of consumption accounted for 73 000 kW, although this counter, I stood just 2 years. To 2 years nagorelo so much energy I would need to supply electricity to the whole plant. I know its real consumption: in my house there is neither heated floors, or even the kettle and microwave oven, and we spend in the range of 100 kWh per month. Most likely, at some point in the calculations there was an extra zero, and 7300 kW turned into 73 000 kW.

I wrote letters, claim petitions, but to no avail. Now this case will be considered by the court. Now I received a letter from the Central office of “Mosenergosbyt” — they seem to be willing to talk to me. But talking with them I won’t be too long I’ve been waiting for. Light me, by the way, is still not included. I do suspect that this ordering is due to the fact that I actively support the truckers strike (when the “Daily Poster” recorded review Philippi, it was only available at a certain time, and said that saves the battery and recharges it at the cafe. — Approx. ed.)”.

A couple of years “Mosenergosbyt” is the rating of regions-defaulters — leading New Moscow centre

Debt is, but I don’t understand why it’s so big

  • Olga Kvasova
  • For 32 years, assistant of advertising Department

“My story lasts for three months. I always pay the meter, which is inside the apartment, and the accounts of “Mosenergosbyt”. For unknown reasons, these accounts were always grossly underestimated — I was sent a receipt for 600-700 Euro a month. A year ago, I switched to payment through the app, but the sum of it was the same.

In January of this year employees “Mosenergosbyt” came to take readings, I let them, and a week in the app flashed the debt in the area of 140 thousand. In the office nobody could really explain how it happened, and said that I have a faulty meter. I paid 3000 rubles to send inspectors electrician, he said that the counter is all fine and issued a certificate without any stamps and signatures. After that, I repeatedly traveled to Mosenergosbyt and every time I called a different amount of debt. At first it was 130 thousand, then 170. Most interesting is that at some point the debt has disappeared from the application when the debt is in their system, but no papers with the claim I never came.

That is why I have a feeling that the blame for this situation not only I, but also the company. The fact that my counter was installed in 1998, and from 1998 to 2012 has run 50 000 kW. Now they bill me for 35 000 kW that I allegedly spent from 2012 to 2017. It is unclear why in the five years I spent almost as much as the previous fourteen. I acknowledge the debt we must be, but it is not clear why it’s so big”.

Someone noticed the error and upon request judges hand-signed “9/29”. It’s all staged

  • Alexander Rozhkov
  • 30 years, Manager

“In February, 2017 with sberbankovskuyu card my mother-pensioner the day before her hospitalization for chemotherapy was decommissioned about 50 000. She just got a TEXT, from which we realized that “Mosenergosbyt” has claim to us because of non-payment of electricity and know the number of judicial district which issued the decision.

“Mosenergosbyt” I was able to give a certificate that the debt for our address no. The same day I turned in the judicial sector, and found that the complaint is addressed directly to me and my mother as the owners of the apartment next door. This apartment, we exchanged back in 1999, and the claim applies in 2013 to 2015. When we changed, I was a minor and my mom took all the statements and close the accounts at the service providers. Without it we would not have carried out the transaction of exchange. After us, the old place was replaced by three owners, but the debt somehow hung on to my sick mother.

“Mosenergosbyt” is quite competent, and with a suit for the recovery of the debt, they sent a Federal judge a motion to set the owner of the old apartment. The judge sent a request to the ICC to extract from the house register street Trofimova, 5/46 (old house), and sent him the extract from the house register street Trofimova, 9/29 (that is our actual address). Someone noticed the error and handle on the request of a judge hand-signed “9/29”. It’s all staged, and the case was referred to a magistrate, who ruled.

Soon I heard on the radio that comrade Belickis something like that happened, and just as he decided to write about it on Facebook. Employees “Mosenergosbyt” contacted me — I sent them the documents, they began actively working on the problem and even apologized. In the end, the mother returned deducted half of the money — about 25 000 rubles. The arrested part of the funds, that is my — I don’t have a Bank card, so I decided to cancel with mom — no offset. Most likely, I have to wait for the abolition of judicial decisions”.

Robot collector of Sberbank is the name of Iron Lady, in principle, to have a joke

In the end, I just disconnected the landline telephone

  • Nikolai Ivanov
  • 27 years old, journalist

“I have a history of other properties: three months ago on my home phone started getting calls from a collection Agency. At first it was nine in the morning, then eight — both on weekdays and weekends. Robot calls and says I have a unpaid debt to Sberbank and that I need to use it. I am a client of Sberbank student years, but no credits I never made. I have their debit card, but it’s not even the main one.

Knowing how many scams of this sort, I first have to read what they write on the Internet. It turned out that many faced with such calls. I tried to understand why calling me. The mass of options: for example, an error occurred or the previous owners of the apartment something owed. In the end, I called in the BEAC, where I said that no debt I have. I made the statement, after some time a letter in which they apologized and reiterated that no debts, but to permanently solve the problem, we still have somewhere to go, something to give, something to check. In other words, what a complicated bureaucratic scheme which is difficult to implement a person working from morning to evening. In the end, I just turned off the landline phone, because I’m so easy. Most likely, the robot keeps calling, but I just can’t hear.”

What to do if you need the debt for utility services

  • Ruslan Nazarov
  • 29 years old, lawyer

“The provision of public services is made on the basis of the contract of management of an apartment house in which the owner is obliged to pay for utility services. Generally, disputes arise when between the consumer and the contractor continues to operate the contract, but the consumer has sold the apartment. Many residents believe that the sale of flats will automatically lead to the termination of the contract, but it is not: residents should contact the contractor and terminate the contract.

Another possible situation occurs when the house is demolished. Here works the same logic: while the contract is not terminated, the obligations of the parties are, therefore, the consumer is obliged to pay, and the contractor — has the right to demand payment. However, in the case of the demolition works article 416 of the civil code, which provides for the termination of obligations by impossibility of performance. Since the house demolished, the contractor could not effectively provide services, and therefore the obligations of the parties shall cease.

If you are regularly paying bills and suddenly received a corrective receipt with a huge debt, you need to take the following measures.

  • Refer to the provider of services (a management company, TSZH) with a requirement to verify accuracy of the calculation of fees.
  • If the amount has not changed and the owner believes that the debt it could not occur, it is necessary to write a letter of complaint to the contractor. The complaint should specify the grounds on which the owner believes that the perpetrator is illegal.
  • At the same time, you must file a complaint with the regional housing inspection. In the complaint specify your name, address, the application, can also attach the documents confirming arguments of the applicant. From the state housing Fund, it is necessary to require the verification specified in the complaint the facts. Finally, if the response of the management organization and GZHI you are not satisfied, then contact the court.