Trump has listed his achievements in 100 days of presidency

Trump has listed his achievements in 100 days of presidency

WASHINGTON, 28 APR — news, Alexey Bogdanovsky. The US President Donald trump said in a weekly address that he considered very successful first hundred days of his administration.

In his opinion, the US is on the rise, and “the rise fast”. The administration in Washington, he said, “fighting for American workers”.

Among his achievements trump called the creation of new jobs, “a profound change in Washington” and the rejection of TRANS-Pacific trade partnership, which, he said will not allow you to trade the interests of American workers. In addition, he mentioned the appointment of a judge of the Supreme court’s conservative Gorsuch of the Nile, and noted that he saved more than $ 700 million, achieving from Lockheed Martin’s reduction in the price of the latest F-35 fighter.

“We will again be competitive and a great country,” trump promised to voters.

Earlier, the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer said that the President of the United States Donald trump did not fulfill their own promises in first 100 days of the administration, as it has not achieved any of their initiatives. He also criticized the plan to reduce taxes submitted by trump this week.