The MP commented on the allegations



The statements of the USA about the “isolation of Russia in the UN” should be treated from the point of view of continuing post-election confrontation within the American elite; such statements can only do non-professional policy, said Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei chepa.

The U.S. administration believes one merit of President Donald trump’s first 100 days in power in foreign policy, “the isolation of Russia in the UN”, said the press service of the White house.

“Such statements by certain politicians, who refers to the achievement of increased pressure on Russia on the UN or talking about her isolation, I think they only show weakness and diplomatic incompetence. The UN is a structure that is created for dialogue among all countries, and there it is necessary to open discussions, to develop some forms for interaction between all countries and settlement of conflicts in peace, and when people make such statements – so worthless politicians,” chepa told RIA Novosti.

In his opinion, any review of the actions of the US must be viewed through the prism of internal confrontation among the American elites. “Such statements should be approached from the point of view of continuing post-election confrontation inside elites of the USA. The rating of trump is not high, we know that for a long time he fell. Political confrontation within the United States is made up of infinite dimensions. This we have never seen before. Trump was forced to go, I take certain steps to remove this internal tension that arose”, — said the MP.

He noted that this, as well as the continuation of the confrontation between Obama and trump the desire to show that he is more powerful, largely influenced certain actions in the first hundred days of the Board of trump.