The media learned about the possible US response to the launch of North Korean rocket

The white house’s reaction to this latest unsuccessful launch of North Korea’s ballistic missiles, accelerating its plans to enter new sanctions against Pyongyang. About it to Agency Reuters said the administration official.

According to him, the measures include sanctions against individual North Korean and Chinese organizations.

Also near North Korea the US can hold new naval exercises and place in the region even more ships and aircraft as a show of force.

“Perhaps something can be accelerated,” — said the official about the possibility of introducing new unilateral sanctions against North Korea. “Something ready to be executed are taken from a large batch and accelerate”, he added.

According to the source, the missile launch is a kind of “provocation” ahead of may 9 elections of the President of South Korea.

The President of the United States Donald trump in his Twitter wrote about the tests: “North Korea showed a lack of respect to the wishes of China and its esteemed Chairman today, when it launched a rocket, though to no avail. Bad!”

The launch of North Korean ballistic missiles, related probably to the class of medium-range missiles KN-17, was produced in 23:33 GMT, not far from the airport, Pucchan. the main part of the rocket, according to U.S. intelligence, fell about 35 kilometers from the airport.

The previous test in the DPRK was held on April 15, the birthday of the founder of the Republic Kim Il sung. It has also failed.

In Washington said that the strategy against the DPRK is aimed at putting pressure on Pyongyang to force it to abandon its programs to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. To achieve its goals the United States are going through tougher sanctions. At the same time, as noted, the United States is open to negotiations.

Earlier it was reported that the Americans are considering to strike at the DPRK in response to the test.