The majority of Russians were satisfied with their work

The majority of Russians (86%) like their job. This is evidenced by data survey of the national center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM), published on the website of the organization.

Dissatisfied with their place of work 12 per cent, two per cent were undecided.

Among the positive aspects, the respondents mentioned communication with people (20 percent), the ability to engage in Hobbies (19 per cent), salaries and premiums (13%) and work schedule (nine percent).

The main reasons for dissatisfaction are the amount of wages (39 percent), the team or the boss (12 percent), as well as heavy, unhealthy labor (10 percent).

If respondents had the opportunity not to work, 60 percent of respondents would remain in the same place, while 19 percent would change employer. Only one-fifth of respondents (19 per cent) would prefer to retire and never work.

“Today, the motivation of the majority of our citizens to work purely rational and not based on the value level. The saying “from works just you will not acquire chambers stone” remains an important setting: honest work is not associated in the mind with an increase of income. Work — a means of earning and survival (not prosperity), self-actualization — secondary”, — said the head of the practice of social modeling and prediction polls Yulia Baskakova.

The telephone survey was conducted from 27 to 28 March. It was attended by 1,200 people. The probable error does not exceed 3.5 percent.