The labour Ministry said the number of persons with disabilities and veterans

In Russia there are about 1.8 million disabled people and veterans of the great Patriotic war. Such data as of April 1, 2017, led by the Ministry of labour, reports RT.

Last year their number exceeded 2.1 million, added the Agency.

In addition, now in Russia there are 1.28 million workers in the rear, 125,8 thousands of former juvenile prisoners of fascism, 22,4 thousand widows of veterans of the great Patriotic war.

The labour Ministry also said that the living are 113.5 thousand persons awarded by a sign “Inhabitant of blockade Leningrad”.

According to the Ministry of labour and social security, in 2016 the average size of pensions of veterans of the great Patriotic war ranged from 16.5 thousand (war workers) to 31.6 thousand rubles (at the combatants with disabilities).

In the current year, the indexation of payments to the disabled and war veterans. In addition, they received five thousand rubles, as other pensioners, in early 2017.