The interior Ministry has estimated taken from families of children

In 2016, the police seized from Russian families about 7.5 thousand children. This was stated by the head of the precinct and divisions on Affairs of minors of Ministry of internal Affairs Elena Novoseltseva, reports “Interfax”.

“If juvenile delinquency is 15 years shrinking and shrinking very seriously, we see the growth of crimes against children committed as outsiders and parents and other legal representatives. The number of crimes committed by their parents is increasing every year, the children affected — about four thousand,” said Novoseltseva.

However, according to her, over the past three years the number of seizures decreased to three thousand. It is noted that in the majority of cases of families taking very young children.

In January Novoseltseva urged to change the laws regarding emergency response to crisis situations in the family. “Article 77 of the Family code, which established a system of stealing children, there is no police at all, only the guardianship. That is, the police in this procedure, to take no part can not, even if the first to know about problems in the family,” she said.