The foreign Ministry told about locking US banks Russian contribution to the fight against cancer

American banks have frozen Russian voluntary tranche listed on the implementation of the IAEA Programme for action for cancer therapy. This is stated in a statement posted on the Ministry website.

In a foreign Ministry statement said that the freezing happened in March. Russian Bank, which carried out the payment, a question was raised regarding whether a given translation against Iran.

“Despite assurances from the Russian side that the money is allocated purely for humanitarian purposes, us banks delay the transfer of the tranche in a few weeks, and in early April of 2017 returned frozen funds to the account of Rosatom”, — said in the statement. The Agency concluded that in the end, “the IAEA still has not received the Russian voluntary contribution to cancer treatment in 2017”.

On Smolensk square doubt that American financial institutions have “dared to go to the blocking state payments of a sovereign state”.

“Most likely, we are talking about the free interpretation of American government restrictions in the context of national sanctions, which hit indiscriminately, even by the operations of a purely humanitarian nature”, — assured the Minister.

“It seems about the deliberate creation of obstacles for financing Russia humanitarian project by the IAEA. These actions of U.S. banks can be viewed as abuse of the international financial system due to the monitoring of dollar transactions, which in this case directly affects the functioning of the UN system”, — added in Department.