The DPRK for the third time in a month tried to launch a rocket

The DPRK for the third time in a month tried to launch a rocket

North Korea conducted another missile test after only a few hours after a special session of the UN security Council on the situation around the actions of Pyongyang.

TOKYO, April 29 — RIA Novosti, Yekaterina Plyasunova. The DPRK military has carried out on Saturday morning launch of a ballistic missile, which, according to the United States, South Korea and Japan, ended in failure.

Another missile test of the DPRK was held after only a few hours after a special session of the UN security Council, during which the U.S. declared the need to strengthen the isolation of the DPRK and its willingness to tighten existing sanctions and impose new restrictions, while South Korea has offered to seriously ponder whether the DPRK to remain a member of the UN on the background of provocative actions.

The third launch in a month and the third failure

According to the South Korean military, the launch of a ballistic missile was produced around 05.30 local time on Saturday (2330 GMT Friday) in a North-easterly direction from the area of Pucchan the province’s toll.

The first time, the data on range and time of flight dispersed, but later Japanese and American experts agreed that ballistic missile fell into North Korean territory within 50 kilometers from the launch site.

The type of missile is as yet not determined. South Korean experts do not rule out that the DPRK military could attempt to test Scud ER, that is, a missile with extended range. The U.S. military, according to local media, believe that it could be a missile with a medium range KN-17.

The latest launch of a ballistic missile was the third in a row in April, but, as in all previous tests failed

Military experts in Japan and South Korea do not rule out that the North Korean developers fail during the testing of solid propellant missiles.

The expected reaction

The reaction of the United States, South Korea and Japan were predictable.

Later, about an hour after the first reports and the missile launch of the DPRK spoke to journalists the Secretary General of the government of Japan of Yoshihide Suga, who called Pyongyang’s actions “a clear violation of UN security Council resolutions”

The representative of the foreign Ministry of South Korea said that North Korea is “playing with fire”, rejecting denuclearization, and once again warned Pyongyang that North Korea will pay “a price”, if you can no longer ignore warnings from the international community and will not stop provocative actions.

The President of the United States Donald trump wrote in his microblog on Twitter that the missile North Korea has been disrespectful towards China. In addition, as reported by the American media, Washington may start to force tougher sanctions against Pyongyang.

Why now

Tensions around the Korean Peninsula has increased notably in recent months in connection with a number of missile tests, North Korea and rumors of a possible new nuclear test. Some international experts Express the opinion that the latest missile launches, the DPRK began a response to a UN security Council meeting yesterday.

In turn, the Japanese TV channel NHK with reference to sources in diplomatic circles, spread the assumption that the launch of a ballistic missile North Korea could be timed to the first 100 days of the presidency of Donald trump.