The control of cars without numbers will increase in Moscow

In Moscow from may will strengthen control over vehicles without license plates or with unreadable plates. They will send by spetsstavki. On Saturday, April 29, according to city hall.

Regulation of moving vehicles was approved at a meeting of the Antiterrorist Commission of the city. “First of all, potentially dangerous cars will move from the 400-foot zone from ground stations and construction of metro and monorail, transport hubs, stops, and parks and other public places with a large crowd of people”, — stated in the message.

According to the Deputy mayor for transport issues Maxim Liksutov, after the evacuation of the car, law enforcement officers will check, if it’s threats and is wanted after the theft.

Spetsstavki located on Yuzhnoportovy street (building 37A) and travel Enthusiasts (owning 3). The car will return to the owner after submission of required documents.

“Every car owner who leaves his car on the street without numbers, it is necessary to understand that thus it delivers trouble for the residents of the area and passers-by. We urge Muscovites to immediately report such vehicles to the relevant authorities”, — said the head of Department of regional security and combating corruption Moscow Vladimir Chernikov.

Find out where the evacuated car, please call 02 or 112, and in the contact center “Moscow transport” — 8 (495) 539-54-54 (3210 — from a mobile phone).

On March 23, the state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation recommended to reject the bill on fines for Parking with illegible numbers.

Drivers often close the room with a sheet of paper or twist them to put the car under the sign, or pay to Park.