In Kyrgyzstan, a landslide came down on houses

In Kyrgyzstan, a landslide came down on houses In Kyrgyzstan on 10 houses down shift. About it RIA Novosti said the representative of the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Republic. The incident occurred in the village of UBA, Osh region on the morning of Saturday, April 29. According to preliminary reports, the landslide covered houses inhabited by 24 people. The place of the accident there are about 100 rescue workers. The number of those who remain under the rubble is still unknown. President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev ordered to assist the victims of the disaster. As stated by the MOE, the owners of these houses in March this year received a warning from the Department about moving to a safe place. As reported TASS in the MOE, the landslide killed at least four people.

Group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the blast in Baghdad

Group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the blast in Baghdad The car explosion killed at least six people, seven were injured. MOSCOW, April 29. /TASS/. Terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) declared its responsibility for the explosion, which occurred on Friday in Baghdad. This was reported by Reuters with reference to the representative of the security service. Earlier Al Arabiya television channel reported that in the Metropolitan district of El-karrada exploded a car bomb. As a result, at least six people were killed and seven were injured.

More than 20 people died in a landslide in Kyrgyzstan

More than 20 people died in a landslide in Kyrgyzstan Moscow. April 29. INTERFAX.RU a Powerful landslide came down in the Osh region in southern Kyrgyzstan, was killed, according to preliminary data, 24 people, reported “Interfax” in the EMERCOM of Kyrgyzstan. According to the press service, 7:00 (4:00 GMT) in the Uzgen district in the village administration and Council Zerger a mudslide with a volume of 1 million cubic meters. The landslide came down on seven houses, according to preliminary data, 24 people were killed, trapped under a huge mass semipros service of the emergencies Ministry of Kyrgyzstan According to preliminary data, all victims at the time of the landslide was at home and was under the ground. The spokesman added that currently in place emergency works on clearing away the earthen mass.

A leading us afraid of the “giant” spider live

A leading us afraid of the “giant” spider live MOSCOW, 28 APR — RIA Novosti. A TV weatherman on the American channel WGRZ Patrick hammer just ripped off live because of the spider cause the lens of the camera, reports Daily Mail. Hammer led the weather forecast, when a map image on a panoramic screen has changed the view of new York city. It turned out that a camera filming the city from a bird’s-eye crawled a spider. Leading in a panic ran to the side, waving his arms. “What is this?” asked hammer of the frame. “Mother nature” — he said someone from colleagues. This “passion” is not over. The spider managed to catch in their nets gnats and started eating it live. “I wonder who will be the next victim”, — joked the presenter. Then the spider began to move in his direction. Hammer again ran out of

Cords in a new poem ridiculed the presidential elections in France

Cords in a new poem ridiculed the presidential elections in France The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov read during an interview with RT his new poem dedicated to the presidential elections in France. The corresponding video is published on the portal of TV channel on Friday, April 28. Vanity of the French throne! I offer you a bet: One hundred percent of winning the Macron, If the name you will — Marin. Postponing voters dinner Oysters a dozen, frothy ale In the spirit of the time could be. Worse than Marie Emmanuelle? The full interview with the musician will be released on may 2. “Leningrad” happy anniversary tour “20 years of joy!”. The band will perform in France may 3, the eve of the second round of the presidential elections in the country. The Moscow concert will take place on July 13 at the stadium “Open arena”. The first

In the United States proposed to lead to the wedding of llamas and alpacas instead of guests

In the United States proposed to lead to the wedding of llamas and alpacas instead of guests American center pet therapy came up with a way to avoid nerves about the guest list for the wedding: experts propose to invite for the position of bridesmaid and groomsmen llamas and alpacas. The celebration of animals will prepare and dressed up in festive costumes. The new service is available for those who are going to lead the wedding ceremony in Portland or Vancouver. Instagram, the center has already appeared the first photos of the happy betrothed, accompanied by cute animals. Publication of WeddingLlamas (@weddingllamas) Feb 19 2017 1:13 PST Publication of WeddingLlamas (@weddingllamas) Feb 19 2017 1:53 PST Publication of WeddingLlamas (@weddingllamas) Feb 19 2017 1:59 PST Publication of WeddingLlamas (@weddingllamas) APR 1 2017 5:30 PDT Publication of WeddingLlamas (@weddingllamas) APR 26 2017 1:23 PDT

In Japan, praised the talks, Abe and Putin as rich and Frank

Photo: RIA Novosti The talks of Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin was intense and Frank, stated at a press conference, Secretary General of the government of Japan Acehide Suga. “Taking into account the working dinner, the negotiations lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes and was rich both in time and content. The content of the talks between the two leaders was candid and tight,” said Suga. He said that the leaders confirmed the specific progress in negotiations on signing a peace Treaty, which was agreed in December last year during Putin’s visit to Japan. Suga stressed that the discussed issues of joint economic activity, agreement was reached about the possibility of a Charter service between Japan and the four Islands of the South Kuril Islands and increases points of entry for the Japanese on these Islands. In addition, it was decided to send to

Gurtskaya and the Vine fell into the black list of Ukrainian website

Photo: riafan.EN Russian singers Diana Gurtskaya and Yuri Loza got in the black list of Ukrainian extremist website “Peacemaker”. According to information posted on the resource, they were charged with “illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine” and concert activities on the territory of Crimea, and support the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia. On the website “Peacemaker” already available data of other Russian artists, who visited the Crimea after its reunification with Russia. In particular, Valery Leontiev, Stas Piekha,, Julianna Karaulova, Tatyana Lipnitskaya (known under the name of Bianca), and Yulia Samoilova, who was supposed to represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest in Kiev. In the black list of this site also included the Russian film Director Karen Shakhnazarov, who was accused of “manipulation of information of public interest and intervention in the Affairs of a sovereign state.” Shakhnazarov himself called the situation stupid and fantasies. List

Donald trump approved a short-term budget

Donald trump approved a short-term budget The Federal government continues to operate. On Friday, the President of the United States Donald trump endorsed the decision of short-term budget. Thus, the government can not stop working due to the termination of funding. This could happen if the decision was not made until midnight Saturday. Earlier on 28 April a bill on short-term budget was approved in both houses of Congress. Up to September 30 must be approved by a long-term project of the Federal budget. Earlier it became known that in order to save budget can be significantly reduced, the staff of the U.S. Department of state. Their jobs can lose more than 2,000 employees.

The new President of Albania elected socialist Ilir Meta

The new President of Albania elected socialist Ilir Meta BELGRADE, April 29 — RIA Novosti. The speaker of the Albanian Parliament, head of the Socialist movement for integration Ilir Meta was elected on Friday, the seventh President of the country, reports the Albanian news Agency ATA. The President of Albania is elected by Parliament for a term of five years and performs mainly ceremonial functions. The President was elected in the fourth round of voting with 87 votes in favor and two votes against (out of 140). Meta candidacy was uncontested. The system of elections of the President of Albania suggests that in the first three rounds of voting the candidate for election will have to take three fifths of the deputies (84 of 140). In the fourth and fifth rounds of voting the President is elected by a simple majority of votes. Only the Albanian Constitution gives MPs to