The Ambassador of the Russian Federation: accession of Norway to NATO missile defense will have implications for the entire Alliance

© EPA/MAURIZIO GAMBARINI OSLO, 29 April. /Offset. TASS Yuri Mikhailenko/. The deployment of elements of the European NATO missile defense system (EUROPRO) in Norway will have consequences not only for the Kingdom but for the whole of the Alliance. About it in interview to the newspaper Dagbladet said the Ambassador of Russia in Norway Teimuraz Ramishvili. “From our side, followed by the answer, and not only the response of Norway but the whole of NATO,” – said the Russian diplomat in response to a reporter’s question about what would be Russia’s reaction to the possible accession of the Scandinavian countries to the deployment of European missile defense. “Russia and Norway can be different points of view on the issue of missile shield NATO, and this is perfectly normal. However, good neighbors should engage in dialogue and find solutions that suit both sides. Russia is not seeking to militarize the Arctic,”

The police are paid protection

The police are paid protection Lawyers seek to revise rates for the work intended. As it became known””, law enforcement and judicial authorities in Russia are finally fully repaid during 2016 on the remuneration of solicitors. The lion’s share of the debt was accounted for by the bodies of inquiry and investigation of the interior Ministry, which at the end of last year have not paid protection $ 700 million. However, since payments were made through the budget of the following year, the defenders already at the beginning of the summer, expect new problems with payments, especially as rates of solicitors can increase several times. Federal chamber of advocates of the Russian Federation (FPA RF), “Kommersant” reported that the debt to the defenders, who worked as intended in 2016, has finally been almost fully repaid. According to representatives of the Federal chamber of lawyers of the Russian Federation, now received

The President of Montenegro, commented on the country’s accession to NATO

The President of Montenegro, commented on the country’s accession to NATO BELGRADE, April 29 — RIA Novosti. Montenegro to join NATO has secured an eternal existence, said President Filip Vujanovic. On Friday, the Parliament of Montenegro, at the ceremonial meeting held in the historical capital, Cetinje, voted by 46 votes (of 81) for joining the Alliance. “Today’s historic decision in Cetinje Montenegro gets new numerous features, but first and foremost the conditions of its eternal existence,” — said Vujanovic on the national TV channel RTCG. He explained that this is especially important given the fact that in may of 2006 (the country’s withdrawal from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro) Montenegro renewed its independence and geographical and geopolitical position of the country has its own specificity. If all this into account, then you must accept that through that security system of Montenegro is a guarantee of its existence, and

In Mexico approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes

In Mexico approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes MOSCOW, April 29 — RIA Novosti. The chamber of deputies of the Mexican Parliament approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes. “We have received 301 votes in favor, two abstained, and 88 votes “against”, — said the representative of the Parliament after the results of voting at the meeting, the video of which is available on the official Congress channel on YouTube. “…Approved a draft decree on amendments and supplements to the Law on health care”, — announced the Deputy of the Congress on the results of voting. Earlier it was reported that the Mexican Senate approved on Tuesday by a majority of voters legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The debate on this topic was over a year from when verhovye the court allowed the four who asked about it to the citizens to use marijuana

Kovalchuk will miss the world Cup because of the surgery

Ilya Kovalchuk Forward of St. Petersburg SKA Ilya Kovalchuk to miss world Cup in 2017 because of an operation on the injured knee. This was announced by first Vice-President of Federation of hockey of Russia Roman Rotenberg, his words are quoted “R-Sport”. “The operation was confirmed. Kovalchuk will miss at least a month, so participation in the world Cup will not take,” said Rotenberg. April 23, there was information about the possible return of 34-year-old striker in the National hockey League (NHL). In the Continental hockey League (KHL) Kovalchuk has become a two-time winner of the Cup of Gagarin in structure SKA (2015 and 2017). Last season he scored 78 points in 60 games. Kovalchuk’s contract with SKA will expire on April 30. The ice hockey world championship will be held from 5 to 21 may in Paris and Cologne. In the group round, the Russians will play with teams

SK found evidence for the involvement of the opposition in the murders of the Russian military in Chechnya

Arseniy Yatsenyuk Russia’s investigative Committee has evidence of the involvement of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk to the executions of Russian troops in Chechnya in the 1990s. this was reported in the press release of SK sent Saturday, April 29, in edition”.ru”. According to the investigation, Yatseniuk participated in the torture and murder of captured soldiers in Grozny on 7 January 1995. In addition, former Ukrainian politician was seen “at least two armed clashes that took place on 31 December 1994 on the area Minute in Grozny in February 1995”. “On charges of committing heinous crimes Yatsenyuk was declared in the international search. In addition, the TFR was prepared materials that have already been sent to Interpol. Russia’s investigative Committee intends to bring Yatsenyuk to criminal liability under Russian legislation,” — said in a press release. In late March, the court of Yessentuki in absentia arrested the

The expert spoke about continuing with Merkel, the split between “Aussie” and “Vessey”

The split between Western and Eastern Germans under Chancellor Angela Merkel has not been overcome. This is in anticipation of the visit of the German government in Moscow, to be held on may 2 “” said lead researcher, Center for German studies Institute of Europe Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Kamkin. “In the East and West of the country remains different pensions and different levels of wages and opportunities. So, in the East a higher level of unemployment. The most depressed regions of the country is the territory of the former GDR. The people there are no special prospects of growth, therefore they leave to work in Western areas of the country. East Germany even migrants do not go”, — said the expert. The analyst noted that some Federal lands included in the former GDR were still able to achieve a high level of economic development. “For example, the Federal

The government opposed the bill on the exclusion from the criminal code “article, the Dading”

Ildar Dading The Russian government approved a draft law that would exclude from the Criminal code article about repeated violations of the rules of the meeting, which was condemned by Ildar Dading. About it reports “Russian service bi-Bi-si”. The government noted that in the explanatory note to the document has not been given statistics that prove the necessity of the repeal of article 212.1 of the criminal code. The Cabinet also referred to the decision of the constitutional court (CC) recognized this article not inconsistent with the Basic law. It is noted that after the negative opinion of the government, most likely, the document will not be accepted. The bill in February submitted to the state Duma representatives of LDPR Igor Lebedev, Yaroslav Nilov. In February 2017 the Ministry of justice of Russia has announced its willingness to amend the Criminal code regarding the violations of the right to participate

Muscovites again asked to refuse to participate in the event, 29 April

Moscow police again asked residents of the capital to refrain from participation in an inconsistent event on 29 April on Slavyanskaya square in Ilyinsky square and Ilyinka street. The corresponding statement posted on the website of the MIA. “The initiators of the action was offered an alternative place to carry it out. Despite this, the organizers continue to insist on holding the event on the specified site and call for participation”, — is spoken in the message. In GU Ministry of internal Affairs added that the action was illegal and “in these conditions increases the risk of provocations aimed at violation of public order, which could lead to a threat to your personal security.” The Metropolitan police are once again warning the organizers of the “about the statutory responsibility for the possible consequences of this inconsistent events.” A similar statement was published on the website of the Central Board on

The labour Ministry said the number of persons with disabilities and veterans

In Russia there are about 1.8 million disabled people and veterans of the great Patriotic war. Such data as of April 1, 2017, led by the Ministry of labour, reports RT. Last year their number exceeded 2.1 million, added the Agency. In addition, now in Russia there are 1.28 million workers in the rear, 125,8 thousands of former juvenile prisoners of fascism, 22,4 thousand widows of veterans of the great Patriotic war. The labour Ministry also said that the living are 113.5 thousand persons awarded by a sign “Inhabitant of blockade Leningrad”. According to the Ministry of labour and social security, in 2016 the average size of pensions of veterans of the great Patriotic war ranged from 16.5 thousand (war workers) to 31.6 thousand rubles (at the combatants with disabilities). In the current year, the indexation of payments to the disabled and war veterans. In addition, they received five thousand