Gorillaz released the first in seven years album

Gorillaz released the first in seven years album British virtual band Gorillaz has introduced a new disc Humanz. About this the band announced on Twitter on Friday, April 28. #HUMANZ IS OUT NOW ✊ Buy/stream it now: https://t.co/9oCMw2BiwW pic.twitter.com/S095ZvialD — gorillaz (@gorillaz) 28 APR 2017 The album contains 26 songs. Most of the tracks recorded in collaboration with other artists, among them the Jamaican DJ and singer Popcaan, is an American rapper D. R. A. M., the leader of the British band Savages is Jenny Beth, musician Noel Gallagher, as well as hip-hop artists Vince staples, and Pusha T. Humanz was the first Studio album by the Gorillaz for the past seven years. Preceding the album, titled Plastic Beach, was released in March 2010. Only in the group’s discography four albums. On 6 April, the founder of the group Damon Albarn said that Gorillaz is more than 40 unpublished songs.

Urgant don’t want to put in Lebedyan of jokes about spilled juice

Urgant don’t want to put in Lebedyan of jokes about spilled juice TV presenter Ivan Urgant don’t want to put in Lebedyan of jokes about spilled juice, reports Gorod48. “Even if Ivan Urgant will come to play in Lebedyan ‘— we now do not let”, — said the first Deputy head of administration of Lebedyansky district, the Chairman of the Commission for emergency situations Valery Golovanov. The reason for the jokes in the program “Evening Urgant” on the First channel became an emergency at LLC “Lebedyanskiy”, in which two persons suffered. Also spilled tons of gallons of juice. News about the incident at OJSC “Lebedyanskiy” in 3:23 According to the Golovan, words Urgant “offensive and stupid”. According to officials, this is not the first of April, and we are talking about the trouble that you almost killed people.

You have written off for debts: scary tales debtors under the rent

You have written off for debts: scary tales debtors under the rent The world today is the bureaucratic red tape faced by the world e-mail alerts and automatic cancellation of debts. “Bill Daily” recorded a few unpleasant stories in the spirit of Franz Kafka. In March of this year with Muscovite Anton Belitskii blamed more than 140 thousand roubles from-for debts for the electric power in the demolished house. After a wave of indignation on Facebook, the money was returned, however, it became clear that this is not an isolated case. On the paper was written by hand: “Not pay — put that light out!” Elena Filippova 54 years old, housewife “I always regularly paid the bills that I received from “Mosenergosbyt”, and no claim with the requirement to pay the debt I never received. On 27 January I received a warning that I should pay the debt in the

Klintsevich recalled the US Ambassador to the UN Haley of Newton’s law

Photo: RIA Novosti The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich called upon the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley “back to earth” from “Alice in Wonderland” after her statements about the need to put pressure on Russia. “Apparently, the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley was a bad student in school. And because we remind her that Newton’s third law States: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” — quoted Klintsevich RIA Novosti. He noted that Hayley needs to understand that “pressure on Russia initially counterproductive.” “Come back to earth, Ms. Haley. Wonderland — not a place to stay politicians” — called Klintsevich. Earlier, the Chairman of the Federation Council Commission on information policy Alexei Pushkov gave a description of the Haley. On April 27, the U.S. permanent representative to the UN stated the need

AP: Rex Tillerson proposed to dismiss 2,3 thousand employees of the state Department

AP: Rex Tillerson proposed to dismiss 2,3 thousand employees of the state Department U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson proposed to reduce the 2,300 employees of the state Department to save 26% of the budget of the Department. It is reported Associated Press with reference to American officials. We will remind, the first visit Rex Tillerson was held in Moscow on 11-12 April. Judging by the statements of the two delegations, the rapprochement of negotiating positions could not be reached, but the parties agreed to start moving in that direction.

North Korea launched a ballistic missile

North Korea launched a ballistic missile The DPRK launched a ballistic missile, South Korean military announced. The type and the trajectory is not yet defined, however, according to preliminary data, the start failed. On Saturday, April 29, Armed forces of North Korea launched a ballistic missile, according to the Agency Yonhap, citing information of the joint chiefs of staff of South Korea. The type of missiles launched at the time of preparation of this material has not been determined, experts continue to analyze the incoming information. The Reuters source the us army said that the start, according to preliminary data, failed. Yonhap, citing a South Korean military reported that the launch ended in failure — the rocket exploded a few seconds after start CNN, citing military sources reports that the DPRK had probably launched a medium-range missile, which flew about 40 kilometers and fell into the sea of Japan. The

Trump has listed his achievements in 100 days of presidency

Trump has listed his achievements in 100 days of presidency WASHINGTON, 28 APR — news, Alexey Bogdanovsky. The US President Donald trump said in a weekly address that he considered very successful first hundred days of his administration. In his opinion, the US is on the rise, and “the rise fast”. The administration in Washington, he said, “fighting for American workers”. Among his achievements trump called the creation of new jobs, “a profound change in Washington” and the rejection of TRANS-Pacific trade partnership, which, he said will not allow you to trade the interests of American workers. In addition, he mentioned the appointment of a judge of the Supreme court’s conservative Gorsuch of the Nile, and noted that he saved more than $ 700 million, achieving from Lockheed Martin’s reduction in the price of the latest F-35 fighter. “We will again be competitive and a great country,” trump promised to

Orban announced the completion of the second anti-migrant wall

The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said that it completed construction of a second anti-migrant wall on the border with Serbia. On Friday, April 28, according to Reuters. “This building is 155 kilometers long and three meters high, and it can stop any human crowd,” he assured fellow citizens, speaking on state radio. In the same speech, Orban criticized the unnecessarily harsh policy of the EU towards Turkey and urged Brussels to reduce the degree of criticism against Ankara, given how important the European Union has good relations with its southern neighbour. “Turkey is a NATO member and therefore she is our ally, explained Orban. Therefore, we should stop treating Turkey like it is, and we must pay due respect to the Turkish people and its President.” The construction of the second wall in the Hungarian-Serbian border was announced on 26 August 2016. According to Orban, the fence will

The state Department responded to the recognition of the “Open Russia” junk organization

Mark Toner U.S. “deeply concerned” by the decision of the Russian authorities to make “Open Russia”, “social movement Open Russia” and the Institute of modern Russia in the list of undesirable organizations. It is reported RIA Novosti citing a statement by state Department spokesman Mark Toner. “We are deeply concerned about the government’s decision to make [these structures] in the list of so-called “undesirable” foreign organizations”, — said in comments. Washington rejects the view that “these and other international structures of civil society are a threat to Russia.” Thursday, April 27, it was reported that the Russian Ministry of justice on the basis of the decision of the Prosecutor General has made in the UK was “Open Russia” in the list of undesirable organizations. Also in the list were included the eponymous the social network movement “Institute of contemporary Russia” (USA). The Prosecutor’s office said that the activities of Open

The media learned about the possible US response to the launch of North Korean rocket

The white house’s reaction to this latest unsuccessful launch of North Korea’s ballistic missiles, accelerating its plans to enter new sanctions against Pyongyang. About it to Agency Reuters said the administration official. According to him, the measures include sanctions against individual North Korean and Chinese organizations. Also near North Korea the US can hold new naval exercises and place in the region even more ships and aircraft as a show of force. “Perhaps something can be accelerated,” — said the official about the possibility of introducing new unilateral sanctions against North Korea. “Something ready to be executed are taken from a large batch and accelerate”, he added. According to the source, the missile launch is a kind of “provocation” ahead of may 9 elections of the President of South Korea. The President of the United States Donald trump in his Twitter wrote about the tests: “North Korea showed a lack