Orban announced the completion of the second anti-migrant wall

The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said that it completed construction of a second anti-migrant wall on the border with Serbia. On Friday, April 28, according to Reuters.

“This building is 155 kilometers long and three meters high, and it can stop any human crowd,” he assured fellow citizens, speaking on state radio.

In the same speech, Orban criticized the unnecessarily harsh policy of the EU towards Turkey and urged Brussels to reduce the degree of criticism against Ankara, given how important the European Union has good relations with its southern neighbour.

“Turkey is a NATO member and therefore she is our ally, explained Orban. Therefore, we should stop treating Turkey like it is, and we must pay due respect to the Turkish people and its President.”

The construction of the second wall in the Hungarian-Serbian border was announced on 26 August 2016. According to Orban, the fence will help contain the wave of refugees in case if Turkey were to abandon its commitments on migration deal with the EU and on the Hungarian borders, there will be hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who need to be stopped by force.