Moscow pointed to U.S. violations of fundamental military contracts

The Soviet thermonuclear bomb an-602 (“Tsar bomb”)

The Russian foreign Ministry on Saturday, April 29, has published a detailed review that lists violations of Washington’s major treaties in the field of non-proliferation. Thus, the Russian foreign Ministry responded to the recently published U.S. state Department report on compliance by States of agreements in the field of arms control.

In particular, according to the Russian foreign Ministry, the US deliberately give wrong information about his “execution” of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty). To illustrate, posting on an American military base missile defense system in Romania ground-based missile systems “aegis Ashore”. Moscow’s concern is the fact that they include the vertical launch system similar to the universal launchers MK-41, capable of launching cruise missiles, medium-range missiles “Tomahawk”.

“The United States has for many years been increasing the production and use of shock unmanned aerial vehicles. Such an eventual means of delivering WMD (weapons of mass destruction — approx. “Of the”) clearly fall under the INF Treaty contained in the definition of cruise missiles, ground-based,” said the Minister.

In Moscow believe that Washington violates the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT) that is attractive to European non-nuclear NATO countries to participate in the so-called nuclear sharing missions. “These “missions” include elements of nuclear planning and the development of practical skills of use of nuclear weapons using aircraft carriers, their crews, infrastructure, airfields and ground support services non-nuclear NATO countries,” — said the Minister.

In addition, in Moscow is of great concern to “the reluctance of the US to ratify the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban (CTBT)”.