Macron urged the EU to impose sanctions against Poland

Emmanuel Macron

The candidate in presidents of France from the movement “Forward!” Emmanuel macron called for the introduction of sanctions against Poland. On Friday, April 28, according to Reuters.

“I want for non-compliance were imposed sanctions. The EU treaties provide for such a possibility,” the politician said Ouest France.

In addition, the candidate in presidents of France have expressed dissatisfaction with the transfer of production company Whirlpool from France to Poland. The transfer was due to the fact that the Eastern European countries the employees earn less than in France, salary. The attractiveness of Poland for companies associated with a lower level of taxes.

In Warsaw the words of Macron caused a severe reaction. According to “Radio Poland”, the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Konrad Szymanski called the statement of the French policy of “pure populism.”

“Up to this point the campaign Rules based upon the fundamental principles of the EU. He criticized marine Le Pen, who questioned the sense of European integration. However, according to his last statement, the economic attractiveness of Poland is the reason for the punishment,” said Szymanski.

“This shows that in this particular question there is no significant difference between Le Pen and the Macron, although the latter is considered a Pro-European candidate,” — said the Polish diplomat.

On March 13, the candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen has outlined at least two positions, which hopes to find an understanding with Poland in the event of his coming to power. The first is a dispute of Warsaw with Brussels on the constitutional court. “The criticism faced by Poland, it is difficult to consider otherwise, as a political intervention in the internal Affairs of the country”, — said the politician.

The second point quota for the distribution of refugees between countries of the European Union. “The EU wants to impose sanctions against States that do not accept refugees. We are talking about the penalty of 250 thousand euros for each missed immigrant. It’s crazy, it must be stopped,” — said Le Pen.