Lose weight or buried. Who in Russia prevented full people. The Story Of “Medusa”

Lose weight or buried. Who in Russia prevented full people. The Story Of “Medusa”

By order of the “Medusa” journalist Anna Rodina attempted to assess the extent of the Russian patchamama.

18 and 21 April, the court rejected the claims of flight attendants “Aeroflot”, accusing the airline of discrimination by appearance — employees with a clothing size more the 46th was transferred to domestic routes, they have reduced the salary.

Deputy General Director “Aeroflot” Vladimir Aleksandrov explained that the requirements for weight and volume of crew members due to the fact that the space in the aircraft is limited, the weight of the crew affect the fuel consumption, and passengers “prefer young and slim” women.

This view was supported by Ksenia Sobchak in “the Burden of news” on TV channel “Rain”. The presenter said that people don’t have to look at the “fat and ugly”, and flight attendants don’t need to see those who have “an ass this big”. By order of the “Medusa” journalist Anna Rodina attempted to assess the extent of the Russian patchamama.

Mom didn’t recognize me

Tatyana is 36 years old. 15 of them she weighs more than 100 kilograms. Now — 141-a-half. Says lost a lot of weight — another three months ago, the scale showed 169. Helped change the situation: last year, Tatiana went to France and Belgium and fell in love with them. “There I realized that my weight bothers me — I love to walk, but a few hours of walking, plus, for example, climbing to the sacré-cœur Basilica, and by evening had pain in the knees, back, swollen feet.”

Until recently, Tatyana was walking home in Vladivostok. In public transport people looked at her disapprovingly, and then said directly that such “razevshey ass”, as she is not worth it to take a seat on the bus.

“I went, until I bought a car, — says Tatiana. — And today for the first time were able to climb from the passenger seat on the driver: for me, this is victory.”News“Beer belly” kills

Tatiana is seldom miserable — help psychologist, nutritionist and personal trainer: after returning from a trip to Europe, Tatiana started a blog about weight loss slogan “Lose weight or I will bury you!”, which tells how to reset weight with the help of experts.

“It turned out that my problem with weight is not from what I eat a lot and cannot “pull themselves together” and hereditary — I have neurohormonal endocrine syndrome, she says. — Mother was very stout after a hard birth, and my body failed after stress in 20 years fell in love with the wrong person, a few months just couldn’t eat — sick. And six months later already not weighed 58 pounds, and 118. Came to mom in a nearby town, guests waited on a bench near the entrance. Mom walked by and did not recognize. It was very disappointing”.

Need to be fakable

“Shame” is a word often pronounced people who come with the problem of obesity to clinical psychologist Svetlana Bronnikova in the Center of intuitive power IntuEat. In the center are studying causes of weight gain and overeating, help to accept themselves and to stop being ashamed of each dessert or missed workout. Patients undergo and group and individual therapy — this is the most difficult to convince people that friendship, love or success nothing to do with weight.

“When a person is tormented by the way he looks, it turns out that it is not in the body, and something else — alone in the desire to be accepted, says Bronnikov. In our culture it is believed that sports fit people are more successful, they are easier to find friends, make family. People think: maybe if I lose weight, do I become like this?”.

According to Bronnikovaa, because of this, many are beginning to torture yourself diets and exhausting workouts. She stressed that sport, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is good exactly as long as the only goal of a person does not become a permanent improvement, which is accompanied by equally constant dissatisfaction. It was then that this lifestyle is unhealthy.

Alexander 38. He believes that with patchamama almost faced: “Unless I ask someone I’m waiting for a boy or a girl — but it’s not even shaming, and so jokes”. At age 20 Alexander weighed 110 pounds.

“With the growth of 175 centimeters is a lot. For me it was a problem to tie my Shoe couldn’t bend. To trim the nails on the feet at all unrealistic. I thought, hell, I’m young, I should like women, and I am a mountain of fat.”

After a few years Alexander was down to 68 pounds, giving up starchy foods, fatty and fried foods. New weight kept for three years, and then Alexander began to gain weight. He now weighs 90 kilograms.

Nososticta to do if the weight comes back

The fact that the people sitting on a diet, the pounds return back, according to Svetlana Bronnikova — standard situation: control your weight can only be within 15% of the number that holds the last three to five years. For the rest answering the genes, metabolism and other functions of the organism. But to believe this is difficult, because most clients want to approach conventional standards of beauty.

“I see girls looking at 50-year-old men in Internet and say: Oh, that’s hot! — confirms Alexander. — All these men are smart, all — pack abs. Of course, I want to be in my 50 said about me. When a guy swells up, no one wants”.

That people a lot of trouble, regularly speak directly to the media and the Internet. TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva in his column for “life” wrote that “with the fat man I’m going in the Elevator, flying in an airplane, I go to the same water when I am at sea — and it’s frustrating. That is true, for example, I even can’t swim if in the water or in the pool, a very great man”.

Ksenia Sobchak in his instagram said: “I don’t like fat people” and offered “to leave” women with shapes and curves truckers.

Friends! I read with interest your wonderful comments about “goners”.Will explains nothing about these models and the fashion of the coming season-if you’re really that interested, buy the magazine:), but I will say something else. I don’t like fat people. I mean I can understand fat due to illness,but others-no. I never understood and probably do not understand the phenomenon of “assholes without borders” from the Kardashians, but I’m glad that in the world of fashion is still the thinness-a prerequisite of a great success,and do not be fooled. Commercial models and angels of Victoria’s secret is completely different,the mass segment. That’s why I’m always puzzled reading your “valuable” tips about breast augmentation and stuff. There is nothing more beautiful than a lean,athletic body. And women with shapes and curves…. Leave the truckers.Amen:) #mababane #poslovodja #bilirubinproduced and by the way @terekhovofficial goes too more slim:)))

Publication of Ksenia Sobchak (xenia_sobchak) Aug 20 2015 at 3:32 PDT

As explained Sobchak on air “Rain”, discussing the claims of flight attendants “Aeroflot” it is important “to be fakable”. That it “loves fat”, said Renata Litvinova. Even Natalia Vodianova, a lot of making for the inclusion and integration of people with special needs, in 2012 believed that “it is better to be thin than be fat,” and explained that “if I eat like a pig, and feel like a pig.”

Nootmobile plus-size: the whole truth about the opulent forms

Svetlana Bronnikova explains that such statements are celebrities hurting people who are overweight. “Our clients say: “This is a message to me that I be what I am, have no right to exist. I only have the right to be ashamed of, to hide and to try to be better””. According to the psychologist, in our culture, even a lot of shame: girls with childhood should be ashamed of the dirty knees, boys, crying, all together, for poor grades. “Fatgamer can be easily integrated into this culture,” says Bronnikov.

Opinion leaders are not spared the full, not only in Russia but in the West such statements lead to a serious PR crisis. For example, in 2015, the Executive Director of MJH Fashion (distributor Hervé Léger) Patrick Couderc said that the famous bandage dresses brand is not suitable for girls with shapes, lesbians and older women. It cost Kuderko work: Hervé Léger and BCBG Group, which owns the brand, said that these words shocked and broke a contract with him.

For expressing the creative Director of Oprah Winfrey’s magazine “O Magazine” that short tops can be worn only girls with a flat stomach, had to apologize the whole edition, and Karl Lagerfeld has publicly apologized to singer Adele, which he called “a little fatty”.

Publication from Adele (@adele) Mar 25 2017 at 9:41 PDT


To lose weight you can not stop

The idea that appearance is not the criterion of “quality” of the person in the Russian public consciousness is rare. On the contrary, media and advertising actively exploit the narrow confines of beauty for men and women.

The word “lose” for decades remains one of the most popular offsets on the covers of glossy magazines, and the approach of “contradiction” Tadashi for completeness, and used in the social campaign “still?!” On the feelings of the target audience play and fitness centers — already in commercial interests.

In 2016 Antimonopoly service of the Altai region received a complaint of an advertising campaign of the Barnaul club “magis-sports”. The slogans “Was fat” and “Buy the summer fat” seemed to the inhabitants of the city are offensive to overweight people, but experts of Antimonopoly service has not found infringements.

In a slightly milder form about the benefits of a sports Constitution, said the campaign Volgograd fitness club Fitpoint. “Sport increases your chance” and “Slim figure is always the face!” — said the hero and heroine of the advertising campaign of the club. Because otherwise, according to its creators, to get naked and ashamed. In a similar way — using the slogan “from fitness are You tired? Pinch his fat” prospective clients “playfully shames” and entices fitness club in Moscow Rublevo.

In “motivating” harassment for completeness did not see anything wrong even Federation fitness-aerobics of Russia. In the video, filmed in 2012 in its order, the plastic surgeon tells the patient “to drain the fat out of her fat ass, disgusting pleated pull over here” and so on.

The video ends with the words: “If you don’t respect your body, don’t expect anybody to respect.” One of its founders on condition of anonymity, said “the Medusa”, in such advertising campaigns do not see anything wrong neither their customers nor performers. “If the representatives of the Federation of fitness believe fat people subhuman, then we simply execute the task before us”.

Full — so sick?

The problem with excess weight in Russia do exist: according to the who and Global Health Observatory for the year 2015, an overweight in Russia has suffered a 58% adults, of which 24% (approximately 35 million people) was diagnosed with obesity.

It is believed that any fullness (a plus-size record even women with size M) is directly related to unhealthy lifestyles, inevitably leads to disease and arises from the fact that people are not watching them. The real causes of weight gain can be a genetic predisposition, endocrine or other disease, and social pressure or trauma. As noted by Svetlana Bronnikova, it is the latter two reasons often leads to eating disorders, which can lead to obesity.

Cardiologist Artemy Okhotin explains that being overweight, in turn, may be only one of the causes of various diseases — hypertension, diabetes, certain types of cancer.

Talking about it, and the results of the various studies that show that completeness does not necessarily lead to lower life expectancy.

NewsMinus 60, or a True story weight loss

But even doctors sometimes blamed the patient’s health on his weight, not noticing the real reasons, and advised to lose weight. Comments in the “Medusa” Okhotin said that tetramin is a serious problem that exists in the professional medical community. “The doctors have such an unfortunate common fault — they blame the patient in his illness. For example, asking: “And where were you before?” People do often hear in his address: “What do you want — you have such a weight””.

At the same time, according to okhotina, excess weight can create certain difficulties in the treatment and diagnosis. For example, an x-ray of the overweight person may not be so informative. “One of my patients needed a prosthetic valve on heart — said Okhotin. — Several institutions in Moscow and St. Petersburg refused her surgery because she was overweight, offered to lose weight, although for prosthesis the weight of the patient is not a contraindication. And to lose weight she could not — because of shortness of breath she could hardly walk.”

You climb to outsiders sane and capable women

Patchamama trying to resist bodypositive movement that is slowly gaining popularity in Russia. His main idea: society needs to accept people for who they are and not shame them for features of the physiology and appearance that do not fit into the narrow standards of beauty.

Bodypositive protects from discrimination those who are overweight, and thin, and people with six fingers on his hands and absolutely “normal” — with “not long enough” legs, folds on the stomach or “imperfect” Breasts. However bodypositive movement often mistakenly called a promotion of obesity and criticized for what it allegedly supports unhealthy lifestyles, neglecting sports and promiscuity.

NewsMaria Shumakova said, as he grew fat and lost weight for the role

Actress Maria Shumakova, which gained 12 kilos for the role in the TV series “Sweet life”, also calls overweight “promiscuity, dangerous to health”. In the series her character Natasha, the girl of average build, her husband is cheating with a slimmer competitor, trainer yoga. “Natasha gave birth to two children and as many girls, started to fret,” talks about her character actress. After filming the actress for three months lost weight to previous weight.

In February 2017 fashion designer Victoria Erbaeva, explaining why many brands don’t make clothes in larger sizes, napisala yourself on Facebook that would like to help girls plus-size “become leaner (i.e., healthier)”. In comments to the designer, was opposed: “are You getting in the border of sane and competent foreign women from their “care”, which you did not ask”.

Founder of the brand plus size clothing W&B Anna Lunina said “the Medusa” that many customers are ashamed of their body even in the dressing room. “They need half an hour, no less to open up, to understand that no one will look at them askance, and to choose the clothes you really like.” Sizes range W&B starts with a size 52 and comes to 64. However, in the discussion of the post Erbario noted that the designer stepped on the sore spot to all women regardless of their dress size. “I wear a size S at height 175. And not a week goes by without a thought about, and if I’m fit and healthy?” — wrote one of the commentators.

NewsScandal with photoshop: Vogue “hid” plus-size model in the photo

Olga 30, she’s a professional dancer and the last five years living in Los Angeles. Dancing for 26 years and teaches Zouk, and Kizomba. “Once the partner left the Russian businesswoman, the girl says. Said that will help with promotion and organization of the master class. But first advised to lose weight and “to do them” — because “such fat people nobody will buy it””.

Olga wears a 42-44 Russian clothing sizes (they correspond to the European S, or M); after a conversation with a potential investor she cried for two days. During the life in the States, it was the habit of that man to shame for his figure.

However, in the US, where the culture of common bodypositive stronger than in Russia, people with clothing size L more strongly represented in the media and in public places they sometimes look askance.

Plus size American Jessamyn Stanley began practicing yoga at home because the gym on it drew too much attention. Now she is a coach and refutes the thesis that sport necessarily lead to leanness and fullness to the illness. In early April 2017 Stanley released book “Every body Yoga” (“Yoga for all” or “Yoga for any figure”), which tells and shows what to do sport and achieve in it success is possible with any body type. And she is not the only plus-size athlete in the world.

Publication from Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn) Jun 14 2016 at 6:34 PDT

Tatiana from Vladivostok also decided to exercise — but it turned out that the hall her not go: “No “Sportmaster” or Vladivostok “Sportland” I could not find clothes of any at all. I think for many obese people, who would like to play sports, it is also a barrier — they simply have nothing to wear to the gym”.

Casual dress Tatiana bought mainly in business trips in Moscow and Europe. Space for it is not even in airplanes as “non-standard” employees “Aeroflot”. Discussing the “disqualification” of flight attendants, users of social networks wrote about why they have no place on Board (“I want to be bold — to fly to Ufa, I want to fly to Berlin — pull yourself together”), and that passengers need to buy two tickets so as not to disturb others.

Tatiana often fly and often reads Facebook. Says that tries not to embarrass anyone — if you do not get seats in the back of the plane (there is a little more distance between the rows and seats), sometimes it’s just worth it. It happens that half of the flight.

The flight from Vladivostok to Moscow takes eight and a half hours.

Anna Rodina