Le Pen ranked fifth DuPont-Aignan was created a coalition

Le Pen ranked fifth DuPont-Aignan was created a coalition

Leader of the radical movement “national front” marine Le Pen stated that it will appoint Nicolas DuPont-Aignan, has been defeated in the first round of the presidential election, his Prime Minister. About it reports Reuters.

DuPont-Aignan is the leader of the movement “Wake Up, France” — nationalist, similar views with Le Pen, writes Reuters. During the election campaign, he announced plans to pursue a protectionist economic policies and to reduce the connection of France with the European Union.

“We will form a government of national unity that will unite the people for their competence and love for France,” said Le Pen in Paris at a press conference.

In the first round of elections DuPont-Aignan received 4.7% of votes and finishing in fifth place. After the defeat, he expressed support for Le Pen in the second round.

In the elections on 23 April, Le Pen won 21.5% of the vote, ahead of her centrist Emmanuel macron, received about 24% of the vote. The second round of presidential elections in France will take place on 7 may.

French President Francois Hollande, as well as third-place candidate from the party “the Republicans” françois Fillon declared that the second round will support the Macron.