In schools of the Rostov region will begin to learn the basics of healthy eating

The subject “healthy nutrition” will appear in the schedules of the schools of the Rostov region from September 1, 2017. About this TASS said the head of the region Vasily Golubev.

“We have an agreement with the CPS about the involvement of the Institute of nutrition. The Agency will connect their regional branches,” — said Golubev. According to him, values health, longevity and an active lifestyle should be inculcated from the first grade.

The Governor noted that it is better to spend a little money on teaching children a healthy lifestyle, rather than spend large sums for their treatment in the future.

April 14, member of the Commission on the development of science and education of the Public chamber of Russia Roman Doschinsky proposed to introduce in schools a compulsory unified state exam (use) on the new subject of the Russian studies. Discipline should combine the topics of history, geography, literature and culture.