In Moscow starts the season on the bike

In Moscow starts the season on the bike

MOSCOW, April 29 — RIA Novosti. The bike rental season in Moscow will open on 29 April, citizens will be able to use more than three thousand bikes, all in Moscow will operate more than 300 stations rent bikes.

As told the head of Department of transport Maxim Liksutov, this year the cost of the most popular fares for short trips will not change, in this case the user has prepared additional bids. For example, at the request of Muscovites will be added to this option as insurance of the bike.

The bike rental system was created in Moscow in 2013. According to the portal, in 2016, the rental bikes are used by more than 1.6 million times, which is 15 times more than in 2014. In addition, in 2016 for the first time appeared in the capital Bicycle elektronikov. In order to get the bike for the first time, you need to register through the terminal station, on the website or through the mobile app. With the opening of the ICC Moscow residents have the opportunity to carry bicycles in the trains of the ring.

Megaray rental

This year, the Moscow cyclists expect innovation in the capital Park “Sokolniki” will start megaray bike rental.

Now the citizens will have the opportunity to rent a bike in one Park and return it in another

The project runs the Department of transportation and development of road transport infrastructure in conjunction with the city public bike rental.

Travel up to half an hour will be included in the cost of access, and for the time over 30 minutes will incur additional charges. Access for 24 hours will cost cyclists in 150 rubles, for a month — 600 rubles, and for the whole season — 1.2 thousand rubles. The project will run until 1 November.

To rent a bike you need to register via phone or Bank card and then pay the access terminal, on the website or mobile application

After you will need to enter the received login and PIN to the handlebar.

When you see “Good trip”, it will be possible to start the walk. The first route will pave between “Sokolniki”, Bauman garden and Tagansky Park, according to the portal.

New bike paths and the station

The city Council plans an annual increase in the number of bike rental stations, with almost 50 new items to appear this year.

We see the necessity to develop this direction actively as it is popular with Muscovites. Every year we plan to expand to 50 stations and number of bikes at least 500Алина of Resembelences Department of transportation

According to her, the project must be developed not only in the center.

“Last year we stepped in the Northern and South-Western districts, we are going to develop this project in other districts of the city of Moscow”, — she added.

In addition, in the near future the city will have new bike lanes that will be put on a specially designed single scheme. Also on the landscaped areas close to the ICC by September 2017 can place belabacsi.

“My colleagues from the Department of capital repairs that carry out construction works, talked about this many times and made, respectively, in their transport scheme. Therefore, we expect that at the end of this construction season, they will appear by summer — September,” said Bisembaeva.