Dead poet ion Degen

Dead poet ion Degen

He died in Israel on 92-m to year of life.

MOSCOW/TEL AVIV, April 28. /TASS/. A veteran of the great Patriotic war, as the tank battles and the poet ion Degen died in Israel at the 92nd year of life. About it the correspondent of TASS said the Chairman of the Israeli Union of veterans of the Second world war — the fighters against Nazism Abraham Grinzaid.

The poet ion Degen died in Israel

— ANFY (@allnews4u_ru) 28 APR 2017

“I myself just called and reported that ion Degen died, he was very ill,” said Grinzaid. “Ion was for us the banner, we really appreciate”, he added.

As noted in the interview with TASS, the head of public relations Department of the FJC Boruch Gorin, Degen during the great Patriotic war was one of the most famous Soviet tank aces. “His poetic gift, which I call “the Lieutenant’s poetry,” helped to convey the feelings of a man who has repeatedly looked death in the eye. I think his poem “My friend, in mortal agony” will be remembered forever,” — said Gorin.

Degen — Russian, Soviet and Israeli poet and writer, author of the poem “My friend, in mortal agony”. In July 1941, at age 16 he volunteered for the front in the assault the battalion, consisting of students of the ninth and tenth grades. October 15, 1942, were injured during a reconnaissance in the enemy rear. In June 1944, he was appointed a tank commander in the 2nd guards separate tank brigade, took part in the Belarusian offensive operation in 1944. In January 1945 he was seriously wounded.

Degen is a recognized tank ACE of the great Patriotic war, he destroyed 12 German tanks and 6 self-propelled guns of the enemy.