A leading us afraid of the “giant” spider live

A leading us afraid of the “giant” spider live

MOSCOW, 28 APR — RIA Novosti. A TV weatherman on the American channel WGRZ Patrick hammer just ripped off live because of the spider cause the lens of the camera, reports Daily Mail.

Hammer led the weather forecast, when a map image on a panoramic screen has changed the view of new York city. It turned out that a camera filming the city from a bird’s-eye crawled a spider. Leading in a panic ran to the side, waving his arms.

“What is this?” asked hammer of the frame. “Mother nature” — he said someone from colleagues.

This “passion” is not over. The spider managed to catch in their nets gnats and started eating it live.

“I wonder who will be the next victim”, — joked the presenter. Then the spider began to move in his direction. Hammer again ran out of the frame.

He went back to work when the image on the screen changed to a table with hourly weather forecast.