Trump has offered South Korea to pay $1 billion for missile defense system

Trump has offered South Korea to pay $1 billion for missile defense system

The US President Donald trump said that South Korea should pay for the deployment of an American anti-missile complexes THAAD. In Seoul this option is called “impossible”.

The President of the United States Donald trump in an interview with Reuters reported that Seoul should pay stationed in South Korea missile defense system (NMD). Complexes THAAD were deployed on the Peninsula to protect Seoul from North Korea.

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The U.S. President said the missile defense system deployed in South Korea and would cost Seoul about a billion dollars, reports Reuters. He also wondered why at is hosted in Korea ABOUT the pay system of the United States.

A former employee of the US state Department told Reuters that the cost of THAAD is estimated at $1.2 billion, but Washington would not want to sell it to South Korea. “We want to keep our THAAD Arsenal, like all weapons in South Korea”, — he said.

Advisor to South Korean President for external Affairs, moon Jae-In told Reuters that trump’s offer is “impossible option” which does not meet the original agreement

Earlier, the Ministry of defense of South Korea.reported that the us missile defense system THAAD is fully deployed on the Korean Peninsula until the end of the year. The individual elements of a missile defense system already deployed deployment in the South of the country, said the defense Ministry.

That the US plans to transfer to the Peninsula THAAD system, it became known in March. The decision followed the holding of the DPRK’s March 6 launch a four ballistic missiles. Three of them fell in the Maritime economic zone of Japan. In Pyongyang, the purpose of rocket launches called hitting the US bases in the Pacific.