The temporary leader of the National front, has held the post for three days

Jean-François Galk

Jean-françois Galik left the post of leader of the French party “national front”. On Friday, April 28, the newspaper Le Monde.

The occasion was the scandal around the words, spoken in 2000, in an interview with political scientist Bumasa Magali (Magali Boumaza). In it, the politician expressed doubts about the reality of the use of Nazi gas chambers during the Second world war and argued that the gas “Zyklon-B” was not suitable for mass murder.

Interview with 17-year-old was discovered by a journalist of the newspaper La Croix de Laurent Boise. Responding to a query Le Monde, Galic not confirmed that uttered these words.

Now it will be replaced by the Vice-President of the National front in regional elections, and personnel policies Bria Steve (Steeve Briois), with 2014 being the mayor of Henin-beaumont in Northern France.

Galik, was replaced by marine Le Pen at the head of the National front, April 25, retaining the post of Vice-President of the party on legal matters. Le Pen pointed out that transfers control to politobedineniya at the time of preparation for the second round of the presidential elections. As the politician said, the decision she made because of a sincere belief that the President should unite all people and it needs to be above inter-party strife.

Sunday, April 23, France passed the first round of the presidential election. For the post of the head of state claimed 11 candidates. The leader of the movement “Forward” Emmanuel macron scored 24,01%, marine Le Pen — 21.3 percent. They came out in the second round, scheduled for may 7.